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8 Other Times It’s Appropriate To Wear A Costume Other Than Halloween



Costumes can change an ordinary situation into anything you imagine. Throw on a captain’s hat, trade your hand for a hook and suddenly you’re a pirate on the hunt for treasure. Or perhaps you put on that infamous gold bikini and become Princess Leia, enslaved by Jabba the Hutt.

Many people see costumes as being somehow specially reserved for Halloween. But in doing so, they’re missing out on many of the greatest times to dress up and express themselves. Check out these 8 times when it’s perfectly acceptable to wear a costume.

1. College

CollegeImage via Flickr by emily.laurel504

College offers countless opportunities for wearing a costume; or at least college parties do. If you’ve ever attended a state university, you’ve probably heard of just about every possible party theme one can think of. These different themes are essentially excuses to wear all kinds of different costumes. Black and white, gangstas and hos, country western, red light green light, even plaid (above) — anything to get people out of their regular clothes and into something fun.

2. Conventions

ConventionsImage via Flickr by Omarukai

At conventions, a huge diversity of superhero, anime, video game, and sci-fi nuts all come together to celebrate, mingle and make-believe with other enthusiasts. And, of course, they tend to do so in costume. Dressing up at as a sci-fi, video game or anime character has become so common, it’s gotten its own name: cosplay, which is short for costume play.

3. Civil War Reenactments

Civil War ReenactmentsImage via Flickr by Brandi Jordan

Are you a faithful banner carrier for the Union, or a soldier for the Confederacy? Civil War reenactments are a fun (and even educational) way to simultaneously step into a fantasy world and learn about history. Men can dress up as soldiers or generals, women as a Southern belle or a schoolmarm. Some people even dress up as major historical figures from the war, such as Ulysses S. Grant or Robert E. Lee.

4. Gay Pride Parade

Gay Pride ParadeImage via Flickr by kevin dooley

Some of the most outrageous — and outrageously fun — costumes in existence can be found at Gay Pride parades. From costumes that leave a person all but unrecognizable to those that hardly even cover the body, Gay Pride apparel really has no rules. Put on giant butterfly wings and some body paint and you’ll fit in perfectly.

5. Christmas

ChristmasImage via Flickr by edenpictures

Christmas parties, Santa Clause, elves, and many other opportunities are all perfect excuses for dressing up during the holidays. Christmas often serves as a magical time during cold of the winter, and fantasy certainly comes into play. Winter often proves as an intimate time as well, which may explain why elf and Miss Santa outfits frequent the types of sexy costumes for sale.

6. Electronic Dance Music

EDM FestivalImage via Flickr by djackson_photos

Concerts in general can offer great opportunity to dress up, but EDM (electronic dance music) begs you to dress as wacky as possible. Electric Daisy Carnival, one of the biggest annual EDM festivals, may not have a single average-clothed participant. Glowing colors, headdresses, animal costumes, body paint, and anything skimpy may be all you see at EDC.

7. In the Bedroom

In The BedroomImage via Flickr by Lies Thru a Lens

Everybody can use a little spicing up in the bedroom. Especially if you already enjoy role play, costumes can significantly improve the excitement and intimacy of the experience. Acting seductively as a different character can help you healthily explore previously untapped parts of your sexual expression. Outfits can really put the “play” in foreplay.

8. Carnival

CarnivalImage via Flickr by snappybex

If nothing else satisfies your craving for dressing up, don’t forget Carnival! Carnival happens every year before Lent, and usually involves large public gatherings and a parade. Just another annual, outside and public celebration good for dressing up and letting out your wild side.

With all of these opportunities, the possibilities for dressing up seem endless. The only boundaries when it comes to picking a costume are your own creativity. What other occasions do you use as an excuse to wear a costume?

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