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A Review of the New Toyota Noah Hybrid: Price, Specs, and Fuel Consumption



As we’re closely approaching a new decade and saying goodbye to the 2010s, the world is beginning to change more rapidly. In the past decade alone, various industries have risen and countless others have fallen, overtaken by today’s unyielding industry conquerors. The most substantial of these conquerors are consumers becoming more convenience-seeking, and businesses starting to enlist more eco-friendly policies. One of the industries to be irrevocably altered by these new found approaches is the world of automobiles.

Cars, in general, have been through many trends affected by the same factors. However, the most recent trend has proven to be the most complex one. Cars are no longer a mere method of transportation, but a unique aspect of who you are. The many different types and approaches to using cars in our everyday lives has made it easy for someone to specifically acquire the most tailored car for their needs.

If you happen to be a parent, or just think than a Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) is your favorable car type, then the new Toyota Noah Hybrid might just be the car for you.

Exterior & Interior

This box-shaped car is not your average compact MVP. The box shape gives it the essence of stability, and the LED headlights make the car look all the more elegant. Other than that, the external look doesn’t have many more features than the ones you’d usually find in an MVP. Its interior is very luxurious with rear and front air conditioning units, ambient inner lights, and a formidable stereo system that will submerge you in your favorite music while driving.

Fuel consumption

Despite the Noah being one of the less agile cars available in its category, it compensates widely in the cost efficiency criteria. With 1 liter sufficing for 12.6 mi, this Toyota hybrid MPV has great fuel consumption which gives it an edge over similar cars. The Noah Hybrids’ outstanding fuel-efficiency is all thanks to Toyota’s genius engineers. With a 1.8 liter generator and an electric motor power makes this car a fan favorite. The energy produced from these two components is sent to the front wheels via an E-CVT transmission, rating the engine power at 100 kW (134 hp) and torque at 142 Nm.

Specs & Price

This car is supplied with all the specs found in a modern car. The Noah Hybrid offers three drive modes (ECO, EV, and Power), which basically give the driver the power to customize how much torque is sent to the wheels. This beauty on wheels is the car for your family, friends on fun road trips because of the fact that it takes up to 8 passengers, and all seats are flexibly adjustable. It features a push-button for engine start, multi-zone adaptive climate control, and button powered doors, that makes getting in and out much more convenient. Purchasing this baby with its new car smell will set you back up to $122,000 SD but buying a second hand could cost us a lot lower.

There are many reasons one would desire to purchase this masterpiece, with its fuel efficiency, compact size and full-loaded features it will be a delight to drive. But frankly, the most important reason to consider this car, is to help minimize your carbon footprint and help with environmental sustainability.

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