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CS:GO Players, We’ve Got The Top 5 Most Beautiful Five-Seven Skins



CS:GO fans love the Five-Seven. This is one of the best firearms due to its rate of fire, accuracy, and magazine size. It also has quite a few eye-catching skins, and these enhancements can be extremely affordable. Check out these 5 popular designs below that will make your pistol more visually attractive.

1.  Violent Daimyo

This elaborate skin covers your weapon with a haphazard mix of patterns. Purple and black is an aesthetically pleasing combination, and the more you look at the gun the more details you notice. This is part of the Gamma Collection and is one of the most popular Five Seven skins in 2021.

The Honey Badger embellished his creation with crossed swords, samurai helmets and a globe. The item can be found in any condition, and the prices are astonishingly low — the basic version costs from $0.36 (Factory New) to $0.06 (Battle-Scarred).

2.  Monkey Business

If you would like something fun, check out this playful skin featuring a large image of a banana on a dark blue background. This part of the Chroma 2 Collection was designed by LoveCroissant. The pistol has a sticker with 57 on it. Note that this item is not available in the Factory New condition. The current prices for the basic version range from $8.64 (Minimal Wear) to $1.64 (Battle-Scarred).

3.  Hyper Beast

If you are keen on a psychedelic design, this wildly popular skin will not disappoint you. It is also available for other weapons (AWP, M4A1-S, and Nova). This iconic look was released as part of the Hydra Collection.

Renegade and Badrock adorned the entire body of the firearm with an image of a sharp-toothed monster. The color palette is a combination of orange, blue, green, and pink. The skin is available in all conditions with prices ranging from $76.89 (Factory New) to $13.25 (Battle-Scarred).

4.  Angry Mob

The item from the Prisma Collection was designed by SHPR [M] who covered the body of the pistol with street art. On the handle and the slide, you can see weird creatures. The background colors are blue and orange, and white lightning bolts coming from the green beast’s mouth complete the fun look. The skin can be found in all conditions, and the prices range from $10.55(Factory New) to $3.33 (Battle-Scarred).

5.  Retrobution

This skin was included in the Revolver Case Collection. Coridium and Gamersbook drew inspiration from the graphic design of the 1980s. Colorful stripes and arrows pointing in opposite directions (brown, blue, red, and orange) on the black background are sure to catch the eye. The skin can be bought in all conditions for $3.29 — $0.54 (Basic).

Where to Buy

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