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Top Travel Tips For Visiting The Canary Islands, Spain



As the holidays near, it’s important to take some time for yourself and get away from all of your daily responsibilities. The Canary Islands are a hidden gem in the Atlantic Ocean that offers something for everyone. So whether you prefer to relax on the beach or have an active holiday, this post will help you plan your next trip!

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Book Your Flight With The Best Airline

Iberia Airlines offer direct flights to Tenerife South Airport (TFS) all year round from Madrid Barajas Airport (MAD). There are also two weekly flights from Barcelona (BCN) and daily flights from Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG).

Getting Around The Canary Islands Is Easy And Affordable

The best way to get around the islands is by rental car. It’s easy, convenient, and offers you great freedom of movement. In addition, car hire companies are located at all Tenerife airports, so there is no need to worry about getting a taxi or public transportation after your flight.

Tenerife Is Full Of Exciting Activities And Attractions!

Tenerife is composed of two islands: Tenerife and Gran Canaria. It offers the best combination in terms of climate, beaches, and culture. This island has beautiful white-sand beaches as well as impressive mountains with lush vegetation, waterfalls, and volcanoes.

Gran Canaria is the third-largest island in Spain after Tenerife and Mallorca. The island has the biggest number of beaches in Spain. Among other attractions are its many museums, including Museo Canario and Reina Sofía museum, which have exciting collections on archeology, art, and history.

Maspalomas is a municipality located at the southern end of Gran Canaria with white-yellowish sand dunes. You can enjoy activities like sandboarding, camel riding, and even a visit to the nearby Sahara desert.

Things To Do On Tenerife Islands

Explore The Rainforest Of Garajonay National Park

Garajonay is the only place in Europe where the laurisilva forest still exists and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There’s nothing like walking through this dense rainforest of laurel trees with its unique landscape of volcanic rocks covered by lush vegetation, especially ferns. You’ll be taken back into another era!

Enjoy Nature At El Teide National Park

El Teide stands at an impressive 3718 meters above sea level, making it Spain’s highest mountain outside the mainland. It is also home to one of Spain’s oldest astronomical observatories. This park has beautiful landscapes and is an excellent place for hiking, cycling, skiing, or just relaxing by the sea while admiring its impressive volcanic landscape!

Visit The City Of Santa Cruz De Tenerife

Santa Cruz boasts two very different sides: modern and traditional. You can find here an exciting mix of architecture that includes neoclassical buildings and typical Canarian houses with white facades and blue window frames. Don’t forget to walk along Calle de la Constitución, a street surrounded by palm trees, which leads to Plaza Espana, where you can admire beautiful gardens and stunning fountains made from imported Italian marble.

Take A Breathtaking Drive Along The Costanera Sur

This road offers spectacular views of the ocean and cliffs as you travel from east to west. You’ll be able to see beautiful landscapes with a rugged coastline, deep valleys, and green mountains, which contrast nicely against the blue sea! So it is not surprising that this route became one of Spain’s most famous roads for driving enthusiasts.

Visit La Pinta Mountain And Enjoy Its Famous Lava Fields

Once you reach over 2000 meters above sea level on El Teide mountain, there are several places where lava fields can still be seen today. One such place is La Pinta, so don’t forget your camera because it will definitely come in handy taking those perfect shots! 

Where To Eat And Drink In The Canary Islands?

If you’re looking for delicious food, then head to La Gomera, where you can enjoy local dishes like papas arrugadas (small potatoes cooked in sea salt) or caldero garrofó (a typical dish prepared using beans). As for drinks, try a mojito made from locally produced rum that’s served on crushed ice along with mint leaves! You will find this cocktail at all bars and restaurants on the island.

La Gomera is one of the most beautiful islands because it has preserved its natural beauty and uniqueness. Here you will find impressive cliffs that rise up to 700 meters above sea level, volcanoes, dense forests of laurel trees, ferns, and laurisilva, a type of subtropical rainforest.

Nightlife In Gran Canaria

If you’re looking for good nightlife, then Gran Canaria is perfect as it’s one of the most lively islands in Spain with an exciting range of bars, pubs, and nightclubs playing different types of music such as electronic dance music (EDM), reggaeton or pop. They offer a great variety, so there will surely be something that fits your taste!

La Palma Offers More Tranquility

La Palma is an ideal destination if you’re looking for peace and quiet. There isn’t much traffic here, so it makes driving safe even in case of rain or when visibility is low due to fog, something quite common in winter. As soon as you enter this park, you will immediately notice its unique landscape that is made up of a large circular crater surrounded by lush greenery and tall pine trees!

What’s The Best Time To Visit The Canary Islands?

The best time to visit Tenerife island would be during spring (April – May) or autumn because it doesn’t rain as much at those times. For example, the average rainfall in Santa Cruz de Tenerife for April is around 55 millimeters compared with 111 mm for October. If you want to enjoy the warm weather, then Gran Canaria and Lanzarote islands are perfect as they’re located close to Africa, which means their temperatures can reach over 30 degrees Celsius between June and September. On the other hand, if you prefer a pleasant climate, then La Palma and El Hierro are for you as they don’t have high temperatures thanks to the cooling sea breeze.

In conclusion, the Canary Islands are an ideal holiday destination because they offer a wide variety of activities and landscapes so you will never be bored!

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