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Defeat Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness With These Clever Tactics



Since working out is good for you, you would expect to feel greater after right? Well right after you most definitely will because of all those fabulous endorphins pumping around your body. However, things can fall apart when it comes to the day after your workout. Indeed, this is the time when you can expect an attack of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS for short. The good news is that there are some simple strategies you can use to minimize DOMS after your workout. Read on to find out what they are. 

Choose compression workout gear 

One way to reduce the sensation of DOMS is to wear compression gear as you work out. Indeed, this can be incredibly helpful because compression leggings, as well as other items, prevent the collection of fluid in your muscles, something that in turn will stop swelling and some of the pain associated with DOMS. 

Keep it moving, even on rest days  

Rest days are essential when you are working out because they allow your muscles enough time to effectively repair. Unfortunately, DOMS can cause an issue with this because it is all too easy to choose to do nothing on the days earmarked for rest. 

However, while lying down may seem like a good idea, low impact activity is a much better solution for DOMS. The reason being that by doing less strenuous activities like walking, swimming, or yoga you will ensure fresh supplies of nutrient-filled blood will be getting to the muscle groups that most need them. Therefore enhancing recovery and decreasing the sensations of DOMS. 

Try a pain relief option

Yes, pain relief is an acceptable way to deal with DOMS. However, popping tablets is not recommended. Indeed, these can create a real issue with working over your boundaries and so making you vulnerable to injury. 

Instead, why not choose a natural option such as CBG Oil for your DOMS pain. CBG Oil can work wonders with muscle issues because it acts as a relaxant and can help reduce the tension, swelling and so, the discomfort you are feeling. Or you can try a gummy derived from the seeds of hemp plants.

Alternatively, why about trying a spot treatment instead? After all, there are many balms and lotions designed to heat up the areas to which they are applied and so help provide relief from DOMS symptoms. 

Immerse your muscles in hot or cold water 

Water can be very helpful for relieving the symptoms of DOMS too, and I’m not just talking about making sure you stay hydrated. In fact, the subject of this section is baths, both hot and cold. Indeed, the science underlying the use of baths in the fight against DOMS is the same and it has to do with the behavior of blood vessels.

For example, in cold, icy water blood vessels contract, this reduces the flow of blood to the muscles in question, which also reduces inflammation and swelling. However, warm water dilates the blood vessels, and so supplies said muscles with the nutrient-rich blood they need, therefore easing the pain and expediting repair. 

Of course, the option that you choose is entirely up to you. Although it’s worth noting that an hour-long warm bath is usually much more enjoyable than 20 mins submerged in icy water. There is even a type of therapy that combines both cold and warm water treatments. Although, this is best done under the care of a medical professional. 

Choose the right foods to nourish your body’s repair

Anyone that works out knows the importance of eating the right things to fuel their body. However, what many people don’t realise is the way you eat can also enhance your ability to reduce the effect of DOMS. 

Indeed, there is a range of foods that can be helpful here including those that are proven to be anti-inflammatory such as green leafy vegetables, strawberries, and olive oil. I don’t know about you but that sounds like a delicious DOMS fighting salad to me!  

Of course, you could always add some lean protein to said salad from beef, or cottage cheese which are also perfect for helping to repair your muscles. Then why not complete the meal with some crusty wholemeal bread which is jammed packed full of magnesium, which can help to stop your muscles from cramping. 

Final thoughts

As you can see from the information above, there are a whole range of ways for you to reduce the severity of DOMS. Of course, the tactics you choose to use are entirely up to you, as long as they help shorten your recovery time and better allow you to meet your workout goals. 

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