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Heineken Casts Audience As Stars In ‘The Guest of Honor’



What if you went out to see a play, only to find out that you were the star of it? Thrown into the spotlight for an evening of unexpected challenges, would you take the stage?

Heineken latest social experiment, The Guest Of Honor, provided an opportunity for everyday people to get outside their comfort zone and take the stage within an immersive theater experience.

A few lucky attendees were invited to take on the challenge; to think on their feet, stay cool under pressure, and take the stage in a variety of challenging scenes. They came in as guests, but they left as legends.

Watch as these everyday people take the stage and showcase their legendary side in Heineken’s immersive theater production. What about you, would you have taken the stage? Join the conversation on social media with #guestofhonor and #openyourworld.