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Here’s 45 Minutes Of Nick Offerman Sipping Scotch Whisky By A Yule Log



In celebration of the 49th anniversary of the first Yule Log broadcast on WPIX, Nick Offerman has created his own version of the classic Yule Log video with his favorite Scotch whisky, Lagavulin, by his side.

Destined to become an instant holiday classic, Nick’s version of the Yule Log is guaranteed to be the most enjoyable fireplace-viewing experience of all time, as it’s 45 minutes of uninterrupted Scotch whisky drinking bliss. WPIX may have started the fire, but Lagavulin and Offerman are calling upon holiday revelers to help set it ablaze.

Join Nick this season by streaming his Yule Log during your at-home holiday gatherings, preferably from 10-11pm, his preferred hour for after-dinner Scotch whisky enjoyment.

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