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How To Make Your Girl Swoon With The Right Gift



Gift for the Girlfriend

The “right” gift for your girlfriend doesn’t have to be overly complex or hard to find. Unique gifts can be a great choice for sure, but even common gifts such as jewelry, flowers, and chocolate will become more meaningful if given at the perfect time and in the perfect way. Give her something unexpected, something that shows you have been listening, or something personalized and you will have no trouble making your girl swoon.

1) Give her something at an unexpected time

Surprising your girl with an unexpected gift is a great way to make her feel loved and important. Thoughtful birthday, anniversary, and Christmas gifts are always going to make you look good, but you can keep the magic up by surprising her when she has no reason to expect a gift. It will make her feel like you are thinking of her and of what she might like even when it isn’t for a big occasion. Tell your girl that she deserves a gift just for being herself.

The gift itself can be simple; she will just love seeing that you want to make her happy. It can be anything from a small piece of jewelry, to a new handbag, or even some cute bookmarks if she likes reading. An unexpected gift is also a great opportunity to give her something that you made yourself. Write her a card or paint a picture if you have an artistic side.

2) Give her something that shows you’ve been listening

A great gift idea can come from an ordinary conversation with your girl on any number of topics. Take a mental note, or better yet, a physical note, if she casually mentions something she likes or even needs. When you give it to her it will show her that you’ve been listening. This would not only make a great gift for a special occasion but also a great surprise gift.

Is there a piece of clothing that she has been eyeing, a book that she has been talking about wanting to read, or a band she likes that you hear is coming to town? Even a gift card, which notoriously says “I’m giving you money because I can’t think of anything else,” could in fact be a good idea if she has a favorite store that you know she’s been dying to go on a shopping spree to.

3) Give her something personalized

A gift that has been personalized with engravings, pictures, or some other kind of meaningful message is sure to make your girl swoon. There are a great many things that you can engrave or personalize, such as jewelry, coffee mugs, picture frames, or key chains.

You can probably find stores that do this type of thing in your local shopping center, and if not there are a number of great websites available. A personalized gift can turn something ordinary into something extra special if you choose an image or message that will remind her of the two of you.

Katrina Denning is a relationship psychologist and dating expert. She enjoys passing on her ideas and relationship insights online. Visit the website for more ideas.

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