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How To Prepare For The Cruise Of Your Life



A cruise can be a true once in a lifetime experience

For many of us, a cruise just about anywhere is the epitome of a dream holiday. Whether you are cutting effortlessly through the crystal-clear Caribbean, or rolling over the waves of the North Sea, being out and about on a boat is unlike anything else. With that said, cruises have qualities, both positive and some more challenging that you’ll need to think about before embarking on one. We’ve put together a list of all that you need to know to ensure that your cruising experience is the best time of your life.

Have A Practice Run First

It might sound silly, but it’s a very easy mistake to make. Often people’s first cruise will be a lengthy one, for example with the Royal Caribbean announcing a world cruise, a lot of first-time cruisers will be clamoring for spaces. However, cruising isn’t for everyone. Some people find that they enjoy cruises that visit lots of different ports in a very short space of time, in which case a world cruise might see them spending more time sailing and less time sightseeing than they might like. Some people might find that they enjoy a smaller boat where they can feel the rhythm of the sea a little more, whilst others might enjoy the steadiness of a huge ship. The best way to find out whether firstly, you enjoy cruises, and secondly the kind of cruise that you like is to do a few trial runs. Take a short ferry journey somewhere, stay for the day and then come back. If that’s a success, then take a long weekend cruise and see how it goes. Once you’ve worked out the kind of boat you like, the sort of cruising itinerary and even whereabouts you like sleeping on the boat, then you might be ready to embark on the sort of adventure that the Royal Caribbean have announced.

The World On Your Mobile

If you have a specific online hobby that you enjoy, then it’s a good idea to find out about how that can work for you around the world. Gamers in particular might be able to enjoy different bonuses depending on the country you’re cruising past. For example, whilst passing around South Africa you can find a selection of different South African mobile casinos each offering various perks for players. If casino gaming is your preference, then these sorts of bonuses can be a good way to cushion your bottom line and being able to play on different sites around the world means that you could find a new favorite game. Those who enjoy different games, such as chess could look for local websites that allow you to compete in tournaments against local people. You might find there’s a specific style in one country that you like, or maybe you fair better abroad than in your home country. There’s a whole world of mobile entertainment out there which could be great fun to discover.

Clothing For All Weathers

If you’re preparing for a large cruise, then it’s a good idea to think carefully about all of the different climates that you’ll be taking in. While a cruise around solely South Africa is likely to be so hot that it doesn’t matter if it rains and a cruise around Northern Europe unlikely to make it past the early 20s, a cruise that takes in a couple of different continents will require some serious thought going into your wardrobe. Wherever you’re going, a lightweight raincoat is a must, so too are sunglasses, ideally polarized to deal with any glare from the water. Finally consider the little things that you enjoy at home, a pair of slippers and comfortable pajamas are the perfect antidote to a cold day at sea, whereas an eye mask that you can put in the fridge and a floaty sarong are ideal for after those scorching hot days.

Test Your Guts

A final note, for some people everything about a cruise sounds perfect, but the motion of a ship simply doesn’t suit all of us. Whether you often suffer with travel sickness, or have a stomach of iron, it’s seriously worth testing out your sea legs before committing to a cruise. If you do find that you suffer with motion sickness whilst on a boat, then all is not lost. You can find special wristbands to help with sickness, as well as tablets to be taken orally such as Stugeron that can help to settle your stomach.

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