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Krispy Kreme’s REESE’S Remix Donuts Deliver Salty Sweet Goodness!



Krispy Kreme REESE'S Remix Collection

Krispy Kreme has reunited with REESE’S on a flavor remix that is sure to get you drooling.. Salty sweet doughnuts inspired by REESE’S Big Cup Stuffed with Potato Chips, REESE’S Big Cup Stuffed with Pretzels and REESE’S OUTRAGEOUS. Can you say YUM?!

Starting today and only available for a limited time at participating shops across the US, Krispy Kreme’s new REESE’S Salty Sweet Dozen features three doughnuts with all-new ingredients, including pretzels, potato sticks and even salted caramel icing:

  • REESE’S Salty Sweet Crunch Doughnut: A shell doughnut filled with REESE’S peanut butter Kreme filling, dipped in REESE’S peanut butter icing, drizzled in HERSHEY’S milk chocolate icing and topped with sea salt praline pretzels.
  • REESE’S Salty Sweet Crisp Doughnut: An Original Glazed doughnut dipped in HERSHEY’S milk chocolate icing, topped with potato sticks, a drizzle of milk chocolate icing and REESE’S peanut butter sauce plus a dollop of REESE’S peanut butter Kreme filling.
  • REESE’S Outrageous Doughnut: An Original Glazed doughnut dipped in HERSHEY’S milk chocolate icing, topped with Mini REESE’S PIECES, drizzled with REESE’S peanut butter sauce and salted caramel icing.

Talk about the ultimate remix, am I right? These bad boys are sure to wow your tastebuds!

Krispy Kreme REESE'S Remix Collection

“Salty, Sweet, REESE’S and Krispy Kreme can now be experienced in one incredible doughnut collection,” said Dave Skena, Global Chief Brand Officer for Krispy Kreme. “These flavors bring out the best in each other, just like our partnership with REESE’S has over the years.”

Krispy Kreme’s REESE’S Salty Sweet Dozen is available in-shop and for pickup or delivery. But don’t wait too long, as they’re only here for a limited time.

So much for my diet. 🙁

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