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Olympics Opening Ceremonies Kick Off This Friday!



That’s right people, we’re only a few days away from the Opening Ceremonies! Anyone else got Olympics Fever?

Getting to these 2012 Olympic Games has been a life-long dream for many of the members of Team USA. Now that they’re past the trials and waiting for the games to begin, the physical preparation may be over, but the mental game kicks in.

Now put yourself in their shoes, and learn how some of these athletes visualize their perfect race, routine, match or fight in the videos below:

Ryan Lochte: Visualizing the Perfect Race (Swimming)

Lolo Jones: Visualizing the Perfect Race (Track & Field)

Jonathan Horton: Visualizing the Perfect Routine (Gymnastics)

Hunter Kemper: Visualizing the Perfect Race (Triathlon)

Lauren Crandall: Visualizing the Perfect Match (Field Hockey)

Taylor Phinney: Visualizing the Perfect Race (Cycling)

Bernard Lagat: Visualizing the Perfect Race (Track & Field)

Stephen Lopez: Visualizing the Perfect Fight (Taekwondo)

Kayla Harrison: Visualizing the Perfect Fight (Judo)

Mary Whipple: Visualizing the Perfect Race (Rowing)

The 2012 Olympics are being called the “first social Olympics.” The boom of social media has connected the distance between athletes, fans, and nations now more than ever. In addition to over 3,500 hours of live coverage, NBC will also being sharing up-to-the-minute results and behind-the-scenes photos and videos via social media. Please follow these handles to get the best Olympics news!

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