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Top 5 Romantic Destinations For Couples Visiting Zambia



Victoria Falls

When thinking about where to spend a romantic getaway, we typically don’t take Africa into account for whatever reason. But you’re missing out, as the country has a lot to offer visitors. Here are some of the best attractions in Zambia that are popular among tourists:

Victoria Falls

On the border between two African countries, Zambia and Zimbabwe, there’s a unique wonder of the world, and its one of the most visited sights of the African continent. The Zambezi River falls a hundred meters down from a huge basalt cliff more than a mile wide, forming one of the most powerful waterfalls on the planet: Victoria Falls. To fully experience the grandeur and picturesqueness of this incredible place, you really need to admire it from above. From the helicopter window, you’ll see how five hundred million liters of water fall off the cliff every minute, creating a thick fog visible from afar.


Named after the famous British missionary explorer, Dr David Livingstone, who explored this area extensively, Livingstone was established in 1905. The proximity to the Zambezi River and Victoria Falls has led Livingstone to become a popular destination for travelers from all over the world wanting to explore this Wonder of the World. Several adventure companies offer river boarding, white water rafting, canoeing, horse riding trails, boat cruises, and more. And for true history lovers, the Livingston Museum tells the history of Zambia, with a lot of folk crafts, national musical instruments, Livingstone’s gear, and even some of his diaries.


The capital of Zambia is a typical African metropolis, with 3.5 million citizens. According to a long-standing legend, the village got its name from the chief of the local tribe, who lived on the hill of Manda, where the building of the National Assembly is now located. The city does not have that many architectural attractions – only the cute building of the 1912 colonial style hotel is worth visiting. Instead, the tourists are attracted by unique art galleries that house a rich collection of works by local artists, for example, the Visual Gallery of Fine Arts named after Henry Tayali. The most striking landmark of the Zambian capital is the Kamvala, a huge open-air market that occupies several blocks. This bustling market opens almost at sunrise and closes after everything is sold.


Kafue National Park

Zambia’s largest national park, founded in 1950, covers over 5.53 million acres and is located 120 miles from Lusaka. Kafue is a great place for those looking for a good old safari. More than 150 species of mammals, 481 species of birds, nearly 70 species of reptiles, and 35 different species of amphibians are registered in the park, which is mostly forested. Here you can see baboons, antelopes, buffaloes, Boehm’s zebras, warthogs, lions, leopards, and mongooses. A lot of rivers flowing through this land are teaming with crocodiles and hippos, and during the drought, you can see a lot of elephants wandering here in search of water.


Not far from Lusaka is the popular Zambian resort of Siavonga – a small town surrounded by picturesque lakes, forests, and rocks. One of the most interesting places in this region is Lake Kariba, famous for its incredible variety of the underwater world. In the neighboring forest of Chirundu, you’ll go on a real journey to prehistoric times, when the Earth was young. You’ll see preserved fossils of trees that date back 150 million years, as well as and many items related to the Stone Age. The town is even more beautiful at night when a cool breeze blows, and all sounds fade, except for quiet splashes of water in the lake.

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