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UGG For Men Unveils Latest Tom Brady Spot



You might be surprised to learn that the first sport Tom Brady played wasn’t football. He actually picked up the game of golf as soon as he learned how to walk and played in his first Father & Son Tournament before he was even in grade school. UGG for Men‘s latest spot “Time Out” focuses on a special moment with his father, playing the game they grew up playing together, every Saturday for over 15 years.

When Tom was accepted to the University of Michigan, his father was concerned that they couldn’t continue their weekly tradition and lobbied for Tom to go to a Southern California school. Although Tom decided to follow his dream to play at Michigan, he still cherishes the moments with his father on the golf course as some of the most important in his life.

In regards to the new spot, Brady remarked, “I think this campaign has been my favorite one because there have been so many elements that are really coming into what has shaped my life.”

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