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Watch As Robbie Maddison Jumps 46 Feet To The Los Angeles River



Traffic. We’ve all been there – trapped in gridlock, inching along at a snail’s pace, slowly losing our sanity and wishing we could break free. And it is especially bad in Los Angeles, where a short 20 mile trip could take you an hour or longer.

In Red Bull’s Duct Out, we see freeride motocross riders Tyler Bereman and Robbie Maddison do exactly that – they escape Los Angeles traffic by parking their truck, hopping on their dirt bikes and ripping through the city landscape, making it their personal playground. They pass iconic landmarks, tear through back alleys and crisscross the Los Angeles River aqueduct on their mission to navigate the path less travelled and escape the city’s freeway congestion.

Highlights along the way include the riders taking a shortcut through the middle of City Hall, Bereman jumping a gap on Upper S. Grand Ave. with lower S. Grand Ave. 34ft underneath, and Maddison dropping 46ft from the 1st Street Bridge down into the Los Angeles River!

Duct Out

Duct Out

Duct Out

Watch the video for yourself and think about it the next time you’re stuck in traffic. 🙂

Photo credit: Garth Milan / Red Bull Content Pool

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