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A Self-Supporting Man Is A Smart Man



Guys, it’s time to have a long-overdue talk about self-care and appreciating yourself. It seems like more and more the role of actualized, sensible and confident men is required in society, and for that, we need to take a good look at ourselves. After all, becoming the best people we can be is something that happens internally, nowhere else. This article will not be one of those often-too-written ‘Men, We Need To Do Better’ articles, as those are often quite shallow, targeted, and completely derisive of men in general.

Instead, this will be written with the same spirit a father looks into his sons eye at the end of a baseball games and asks, “you okay, champ?” The kind of question that helps you think about just how well you’re taking care of yourself, and how you might consider this self-care to help benefit you throughout your life. A man who takes care of himself is a smart man, after all.

For that, we would like to pinpoint these various reminders, or simple tips to help you remain the best version of yourself in 2019:

Consider Physical Effort

All men realize that exercise is the key to a well-lived life, but not all practice it as they once might. It’s easy not to. Many of us work relatively busy jobs, have families to take care of, or some other side projects we’re hoping to secure our hustle on. All of this can leave us feeling pretty exhausted at the end of the day, so the idea of heading out in the pouring rain to go for a jog, or to heading to the busy peak-time gym seems less appealing. But contrary to how this might feel in the moment, working out hard can actually leave you feeling more energized than before you entered. It can help you sleep better. The next day, you will feel supported, and your metabolism will increase for that amount of time.

So why not get started? Who knows, you might find yourself joining a five a side or replaying an old sport you used to love if you get a little in shape. Also, getting in shape really isn’t as hard as people make it out to be. If you have any ability to adapt whatsoever, your body will likely favorable enjoy this new process, and you’ll be able to implement your best efforts towards it. So why not head out, bud? Perhaps start with a program like Stronglifts to enjoy those compound movements and build functional strength. The results could be incredible.

Practice Road Safety

No matter how decent your classic car restoration might be, or how well you maintain your motorcycle, it can be all for nothing if you get into an accident or become injured. That’s why road responsibility is so very important, because it’s not only a microcosm for how you are a provider to those around you, but it helps your kids adapt to a more confident and comfortable understanding of the road. If they see you’re not scared of it but respect it, they will too.

Of course, we’re not suggesting you’re a bad driver in the least. Far from it. But if a guy cuts you off and you fly into a fit of road rage, or if you neglect to wear your safety equipment such as not wearing a motorcycle helmet, you’re asking for trouble. Your masculinity and manhood is worth more than to throw it away thanks to a ridiculous lapse in judgement.

Get Away From Social Media

Social media and the constant online news cycle can chip eat at you if you’re not careful. Read long enough and you’ll see a range of articles about how you might not be good enough, about how your intentions aren’t the best they could be, or motivational advice given by Instagram entrepreneurs. Of course there’s always a place for betterment and motivation, but sometimes repeatedly viewing this form of shlock targeted publishing, especially that which is intended to garner your clicks through annoying you, can have a real effect on your psyche.

Get away from it. Set aside times where you completely disconnect from the online machine. Focus on the real world instead. You might realize just how much peace this can grant you. After all, a man isn’t caring for himself if he fails to take his mental health into account.

Here’s to a better you!

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