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Leaving Funny Comments On Facebook



A buddy of mine celebrated his birthday yesterday, and he decided to reply to every person wishing him a Happy Birthday with something bro-centric.

They started off innocently enough:

Thanks broham!
Thanks brah!
Thanks broseph!

And then he started getting more creative with the thanks:

Thanks Brochacho
Thanks Brojangles
Thanks Brohemian Rhapsody
Thanks Broseph Stalin
Thanks Bro Pesci
Thanks Shaquille brO’Neal
Thanks Brobratron, King of the Brobots
Thanks Theodore Bro’sevelt
Thanks Brobocop
Thanks Spongebob Bropants
Thanks Bro Brogan
Thanks Marilyn MonBRO
Thanks Bromer J Simpson
Thanks Little Bro Peep
Thanks Brosiden, King of the Brocean
Thanks Bro Montana

The next time you’re bored, try it out.. The possibilities are endless! 🙂

Sujeet Patel is the founder of Guys Gab, the definitive men's lifestyle blog, and he's one of the biggest car enthusiast you'll ever meet. He's been fortunate enough to turn his passion for cars into a full-time job. Like they say, "If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life."

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