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Roccat Makes Our Dreams Come True With New Ryos MK Keyboard



When we reviewed the impressive Roccat Isku keyboard, we loved almost every single detail. The only thing that would make us second think a purchase is the lack of mechanical keys. Roccat has our heard pleas for help and has announced the new Roccat Ryos MK Series, and we think this has a chance of being one of the greatest keyboards ever created. Built using the same general visual style as the Isku, the new Ryos features a full set of mechanical keys. The switches are all Cherry MX and come in your choice of Red, Blue, Black or Brown. The different colors provide a different feel and noise level, and we thoroughly approve of this pick your poison type of design.

The mechanical switches are not the only improvement made to the Ryos. If you grab the top level Pro model it comes with one of the coolest backlighting systems ever created. Each key is separately backlit, and they can be customized. If you only want your WASD keys lit during a late night shooting match so you don’t lose your fingering you can do it. Like playing Diablo III? What if your keyboard backlight would shut off when you were losing health. All this and more is possible with the new Ryos. This could be a huge change in the way we use and interact with our gaming keyboards.

The effect is very hard to explain, but thankfully the kids at Roccat have been nice enough to whip up a cool video demonstrating all the awesome new goodies on the Ryos. Click play and prepare to be amazed.

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