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Moebuilt Mk 2 Upgrade: G.Skill Trident X



When I first started construction on the Moebuilt Mk 2 I had quite a few items donated to help me along the way, but I also had to spend my own cash on certain parts as well. One of those items was the memory and I purchased what I felt to be the best RAM on the market, the G.Skill Trident X. I was interested in G.Skill thanks to their incredible history of making nearly indestructible products, the solid build quality, and their nearly unheard of speed. G.Skill Trident X was used to set the world record for RAM speed back in September of last year. They were able reach a speed of 4400 Mhz. That is almost three times the speed of what most big name gaming computers use.

The record was so impressive it stood for nearly 6 months; essentially an eternity in the computer and tech world.




When I announced the construction of the Moebuilt Mk 2, G.Skill heard that I had chosen the Trident X as my go-to memory. They decided that to say thanks for choosing them, they wanted to help out with the project and donated even more memory. I started with the generally accepted minimum of 8GB for the original build, and G.Skill has sent me a 16GB kit. That puts me up to a total of 24GB, and it has helped make my computer run even faster than ever before. During heavy workloads in Photoshop I could only have a dozen or so images open at once, but with the extra RAM capacity, I have had as many as 75 photos loaded up in Photoshop at one time without any issue. The RAM I am using is also much faster than the usual 1600 Mhz that most companies sell and use. The G.Skill kit is a 2400 Mhz kit making games run smoother, programs load faster and decreasing fetch times when working with large loads.

If you are looking at a PC upgrade, or looking to build a new computer yourself, look no farther for RAM. I used to swear by Corsair, but after multiple dead sticks and the bad quality of their heat-sinks, I had enough. G.Skill’s products are so good and so fast I will likely use them for the rest of the foreseeable future.

Christian is the Technology and Gaming guru of Guys Gab, and he also happens to be damn great with auto coverage as well. Big dreams and big enthusiasm are great ways to describe Christian. As a writer he strives to bring concise information together with quick wit to create an enjoyable and informative experience for his audience. When not writing he can be found trying to complete his life goal of becoming a race car driving, astronaut, rock-star. Big dreams indeed.

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