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This Sexy Harry Potter Lingerie Is Casting A Spell Over Fans



Yandy Sexy Harry Potter Lingerie Costume

Sexy women’s specialty apparel retailer Yandy has added a new costume to their Fantasy Lingerie collection that’s perfect for ladies who are Gryffindors in the streets, but Slytherins in the sheets!

That’s right, Yandy is releasing a sexy “magical student” costume that’s sure to get a rise out of Harry Potter fans, if you know what I mean.. And it’s a real bargain at just $42.95.

Here’s the description for Yandy’s magical student fantasy lingerie costume:

Cast a bewitching spell in this exclusive Magical Student Fantasy lingerie costume featuring a sheer, grey lace crop top with a white collar, a sheer, burgundy high waisted panty with a grey lace trim, a cheeky cut back, removable burgundy and gold suspenders, and a matching striped tie. (Glasses and wand not included.)

This would have been a great costume for slutty chicks to wear to a Halloween party, but sadly the costume isn’t shipping until November 1st. Talk about a missed opportunity!

Yandy Sexy Harry Potter Lingerie Costume

Yandy Sexy Harry Potter Lingerie Costume

So what do you say Harry Potter fans, are you going to buy this sexy outfit?

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