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Watch Jamie O’Brien Surf Teahupo’o While Lit On Fire



Extreme sports athletes are a rare breed, constantly pushing the limits in search of their next high. For Jamie O’Brien, a pro surfer who’s lived is whole life at Pipeline and has tamed the gnarliest waves from around the world, he kept scanning the horizon, looking for his next challenge, next obstacle, next idea, to scratch his itch of pushing the envelope.

So when he got a DM on Instagram a few months ago suggesting that he light himself on fire, he decided to go for it, going to Red Bull and saying, “Hey, I want to light myself on fire and get barreled at Teahupo’o.” As you can see from the video above, that’s exactly what he did, making history and setting the Internet ablaze with chatter. (You see what I did there?)

Afterwards, O’Brien talked exclusively to Red Bull about the death-defying experience, calling it “the biggest adrenaline rush of my life.” You can read that interview on

So how exactly did Jamie pull off this insane stunt? The latest episode of O’Brien’s popular web series, Who Is JOB 5.0, offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how this sizzling mastery was pulled off, and the many complications that nearly rendered the feat impossible. The latest episode (shown below) showcases the astonishing details and raw, candid footage you won’t find anywhere else.

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