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White Claw Enters Spirits Category With New Line Of Premium Vodka



White Claw Premium Vodka

White Claw has revolutionized the hard seltzer space since its introduction back in 2016. But with the seltzer craze fading, the brand looks to move into spirits with the launch of White Claw Premium Vodka, the world’s first Triple Wave Filtered vodka.

The first-of-its-kind filtration process uses tremendous pressure equal to three 30-foot waves to create a vodka with distinctive taste, aroma, and smoothness.

While the full process behind it is a secret, White Claw says it’s invented a new way to filter vodka to achieve a “minimal yet complex combination of aromas and sensations.” Made with 100% American grain and distilled five times in columns with copper plates, it’s then filtered using immense pressure equal to three 30-foot waves, which has the same smoothing effect on vodka that ocean waves have on stones and shells. And it is filtered through activated carbon from charred coconut shells.

Drinkers will enjoy a minimal yet complex combination of aromas and sensations in the mouth and nose — subtle notes of citrus at first, then grain, then a velvety finish.

White Claw Vodka + Soda

As part of its expansion into vodka, White Claw is also launching its new ready-to-drink White Claw Vodka + Soda, because better vodka makes for a better vodka + soda. The new 100-calorie canned cocktail is made with the same Triple Wave Filtered White Claw Premium Vodka that is in the bottles. The vodka’s velvety finish is designed to bring out the fruit flavors in White Claw Vodka + Soda Pineapple, Peach, Wild Cherry, and Watermelon varieties.

Available in select markets across North America, the White Claw vodka portfolio will include the following:

  • White Claw Premium Vodka (40% Alc/Vol) – available in 1L, 750ml, and 50ml bottles.
  • White Claw Flavored Vodka (30% Alc/Vol) – available in iconic White Claw flavors — Mango, Black Cherry, and Pineapple — in 1L, 750ml, and 50ml bottles.
  • White Claw Vodka + Soda (4.5% Alc/Vol) is available in Pineapple, Peach, Wild Cherry, and Watermelon flavors in 12-ounce slim cans included in variety 8-packs and single flavor 4-packs.

What do you think about White Claw entering the vodka space?

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