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4 Ways To Treat Yourself This Summer




There’s no better time of year to treat yourself to something special than summer. If you’re looking for a fun time or a unique invention, check out these options to make this the best summer yet.

Take An Envy-Worthy Vacation

If you’re planning on taking a trip this summer, why not make it one that’s the envy of all your friends? Bavaria, Germany is known for beer gardens and brewery culture. The capital city of Munich has Hirschgarten, the largest beer garden in the world. This beer garden has seating for nearly 8,000 people under their shady chestnut trees. Or, for a trip closer to home, enjoy some sunshine at Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Here, you can relax on the sand, or bring your clubs and test your swing at Tournament Players Club at Sawgrass. This challenging course hosts The Players Championship on the PGA Tour every year.

Protect Your Phone

Your smartphone is your life, and losing it to an errant wave or accidental dunk in the pool would definitely ruin your summer. Thankfully, there are waterproof cases out there that can handle a day at the beach or pool with ease. These touch-friendly cases still let you access your apps, and have cutouts for the flash and camera so you can even take pictures underwater. Since most cases only weigh a few ounces, they’re good for everyday use as well. However, unlike a regular case, they can protect your phone in up to 6 feet of water for about 30 minutes.

Try Out A New Gadget

If you’ve thought about trying out one of the latest gadgets on the market, use your free time this summer to do it. Having to clean your house takes away precious time you could be outside. Instead, try out a robotic vacuum cleaner that can take care of that for you. Simply program the times and days you want it to come on, and it does the rest automatically. Or, if you want to kick back and relax this summer, try out a smart TV instead. These televisions can connect to the Internet, run apps, and find programming with gestures and voice commands.

Upgrade Your Car

Whether you need Mustang parts or truck gadgets, upgrading your ride is a perfect summer activity. While it’s fun to add stripes and new upholstery, don’t forget about upgrading or replacing the functioning parts of your car for a better drive. For instance, summer is the ideal time to replace the air filter. Salt from winter roads and dust from dirt roads can quickly clog up an air filter. A clean air filter can increase gas mileage up to 10 percent. You should change your air filter every 12,000 miles. Therefore, if you’re due, get a new one so you can enjoy plenty of road trips without having to stop at the gas station as often.

If you’re ready for something new this summer, any one of these ideas are the perfect way to treat yourself.

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