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5 Things Everyone Should Do Before Hitting 30



If you’re ready to enjoy life, then read on for the lowdown on the five things everyone should do before hitting 30 – and learning all those likely not-so-fun lessons.

Watch the Sunrise

Image via Flickr by Diganta Talukdar

There are two ways to watch the sunrise: intentionally and unintentionally. Both are effective, but each method comes from enjoying life differently. To intentionally watch the sunrise, you’ll need to go to bed early the night before. Set your alarm for at least thirty minutes before the sunrise so you won’t miss it by way of the “snooze” button. Then, go outside and wait in silence. Use the opportunity to clear your mind and appreciate the beauty of the world.

To watch the sunrise unintentionally, simply let go of your inhibitions. Stay out late with friends till night turns to morning. Don’t look at the clock. Simply experience the exhilarating feeling of living without the restraint of time.

Try Many Different Jobs

Many of your elders might tell you that your 20s are the foundational years of your future, lifelong career. While this may be the case for a select few professions (re: doctors and lawyers), by and large, many job regrets come from unnecessarily forcing yourself down a certain career path. Explore any and all opportunities within your field. Whether it’s a leadership position that inspires a team of individuals or a self-starting freelance job, your 20s the perfect time to test the waters and take risks. Remember, you miss one-hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.

Above all, if you don’t like a position, don’t stay stuck for long. Many employers expect that 20-somethings, especially Millennials, will take time to commit and therefore won’t stick around forever.

Take a Cross-Country Road Trip

When it comes to traveling prospects, cross-country road trips are mostly a 20s-only opportunity. As you get older, you won’t have the same stamina to drive for hours on end. Your 20s in general are the best time to travel. It’s a rare period in which you likely won’t have a family in tow or a serious job commitment that won’t allow time off.

Keep in mind: in your 30s and 40s, you’ll likely have more money to travel abroad and your cross-country trip will take backseat if you don’t plan it now. Map out a road trip that hits all the country’s infamous landmarks.

Go to Las Vegas

You don’t want to make your Vegas mistakes in your 30s. Your 20s are the ultimate time to gamble – and luckily you won’t have as much to lose. Experience the Las Vegas nightlife and the slots just one time in your carefree 20s.

Who knows, maybe you’ll win big in Vegas with a little luck – and practice. Before you go, try channeling your inner James Bond and schmooze your way through the game. You never know, with the right confidence and a little luck, you could make the big time.

Have Your Heart Broken

Image via Flickr by katerha

Your 20s are the best time to have your heart broken. Most 20-somethings won’t yet have the pressure of a marriage or financial ties, so the break is much cleaner. Having your heart broken isn’t an exercise in sadomasochism. It’s an opportunity. Just like with your career, when it comes to love in your 20s, you have to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Sometimes that means ending a relationship that doesn’t make you happy. Other times, it means flat-out getting dumped. Whatever your experience, value your time alone, as well as the moments spent falling in and out of someone’s affection. In your 20s, first, you must learn to nurture a lifelong love for yourself.

Are you in your 20s? What do you plan to do while you’re in your prime? If you’re over 30, what do you wish you had done in your 20s? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Phil

    April 11, 2014 at 3:14 pm

    Much of this is true. I hit my stride my 30’s – job, money, life experience. I did it all in my 20’s and 30’s and learned a lot so far. Personally, I still love Vegas and just got back from there.

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