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Firing a gun is a practice that goes beyond developing skills for hunting and self-defense. For millions of individuals across the nation, firing and learning about guns is a passion. It serves as both a skill to be developed and as a form of recreation. There are shooting galleries all across the nation that give people the chance to explore this passion without necessarily owning a gun or ammunition. Many people feel intimidated handling firearms for the first time. This trepidation deprives them of the fun and feeling of empowerment that can come from visiting a shooting gallery. These types of facilities are safe and designed for all age levels.

Someone to Watch Over You

Each licensed shooting gallery will be overseen by a firearms expert who is there to provide comfort, safety, and information for shooters at any skill levels. Shooting galleries can be either outdoors or indoors. The vast majority are indoor facilities where strict rules are maintained to enure the safety of the participants. Most galleries will have rules which regulate the types of firearms which can be used in their facility. The most common restrictions limit shooters to handguns and rifles. However, there are many specialized shooting galleries that concentrate on a particular type of targeting exercise. Common among these are Skeet Shooting ranges and those designed for Pistol and Air Rifles.

Limitations and Facilities

The majority of indoor galleries provide stationary target practice. The buildings are designed with safety in mind from all environmental angles. The buildings are ventilated to reduce the risk of emissions from gun discharge. All galleries will also mandate some sort of hearing protection for their participants. Establishments also reserve the right to limit the type of caliber that is being shot. It is common for the restrictions to establish the ceiling at .50 caliber bullets. Stationary target galleries can offer a variety of distances for the shooter. This flexibility allows for shooters of all skill levels to enjoy their time developing their accuracy.

The Great Outdoors

Outdoor facilities can allow for firing at targets in motion or at much greater distances. The average outdoor facility can accommodate shooting in an excess of 1,000 yards. It is common to find field targets and carnival targets that can present the individual with a higher degree of difficulty. Targeting clay pigeons that mimic the type of skill needed for actual hunting can be found at specialized outdoor facilities as well. People planning to visit a shooting gallery should contact the facility for the specific regulations in that location. It is common that people be required to enter the facilities with guns which are not loaded and are secured or encased.

The Extras

In addition to open firing session, many facilities will provide classes and certification training programs for their customers. These classes include everything from marksmanship training to safety and gun maintenance procedures. Prices for visiting these facilities can vary from state to state. However, a rough estimate can give you the idea of the general cost you can expect. First-time shooters that require set-up and equipment can expect to pay a fee of under five dollars. Firing a hand gun without purchasing ammunition from the gallery can cost about $20. The cost for firing rifles and shotguns without the purchase of ammunition can range up to $15. Most establishments will allow you to rent guns as well. Most handguns can be rented for as little as $12, and rifles, shotguns, and high-end handguns rent for around $20.

This piece was written and developed independently by Gerald Warner, a freelance writer who focuses on archery, marksmanship and firearms, outdoor activities, and survivalism in the modern world; to learn more about shooting visit

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