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Celebrate Opening Day With Steakhouse Elite Kobe-Crafted Burgers



Steakhouse Elite Kobe-Crafted Burgers

Opening Day is nearly here, and since the weather’s been unpredictable this year, I’m going to watch all the action from the comfort of my home. A bunch of my friends are coming over, and we’re going to eat, drink, and enjoy a much-needed day off from work!

And of course, it’s just not a party unless there’s plenty of food and beer. And I’m cooking up some delicious Steakhouse Elite Kobe-Crafted Burgers for the occasion. We grilled up some of these bad boys over the weekend, and they were DELICIOUS, quite possibly the best burgers I’ve ever made!

So what makes them so special? Steakhouse Elite makes their burgers with Kobe-Crafted beef – The perfect formulation of American Kobe-Style beef and traditional beef to produce products rich in flavor and ideal in texture. They’re a bit pricey (a 4-pack of 6 oz. burgers will set you back around $8) but they’re totally worth it.

I can’t wait for my friends to experience these burgers for themselves, as I know they’ll go nuts for them..

Visit to learn more about Steakhouse Elite and find a store that carries their meats. (In addition to burgers, they also sell Beef Franks and Ground Beef)

And if you’re new to grilling, Steakhouse Elite COO Evan Wexler has got 5 Tips For Grilling Burgers:

Start clean

Getting your grill clean before starting is crucial to getting those clean crisp grill marks we all strive for. After preheating your grill for 5-10 minutes, use a long handled wire brush to scrape your grill free of any food or gristle that may have been left over from previous use.

Pre grease your grill surface

By using a paper towel dipped in olive or vegetable oil, you can coat your grill surface to prevent your food from sticking. Since you should have already pre-heated your grill by now, I recommend using BBQ tongs to hold the paper town to avoid injury.

Patience grasshopper

Too often, people are concerned about what stage of cooking your food is at. The less often you can touch the food the better off you are. After placing your burgers on the grill, it is best not to attempt to turn them until you see juices rise to the top of the cooking burger. The clearer the juices, the more well done your burger is. This will also ensure the burger will better hold together during the turning process.

Properly melted

When topping your burger with your favorite dairy variety, it’s key to give the cheese ample time to completely melt. Move your burgers to indirect heat on the top rack or maybe near the edge of your grill to avoid burning your burger during the process.

Let them rest

Both you and your food deserve a rest after a performance like that. Give your burgers 4-5 minutes to rest before serving.

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1 Comment

  1. gordon

    March 29, 2014 at 10:45 pm

    I’m horrible with a grill but you have made me hungry for a kobe burger. It is almost warm enough here to use ours. can’t wait.

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