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Coin – Use One Coin for All of Your Cards



Coin - All-in-one Credit Card

In our generation, people are always thinking of ways to making things more compact and efficient. I for one have stared at my wallet from time to time wishing I didn’t have to carry all my credit cards, debit cards, gym membership cards, gift cards, cash and so on. Honestly it’s like carrying a brick in my pockets sometime, and I could use it as a deadly weapon if need be.

But now, something called Coin has come out, and it may be the solution to my problem!

Coin is a very simple idea with big applications. It basically takes up to eight cards from your wallet, be it your credit, debit, membership or so on, and transfers all the information on them into one sleek Coin card, which is the same size as a single credit card. Your card’s info is transferred onto the Coin by a swipe dongle that’s included with the purchase of your Coin.

Then you take a picture of the actual card, and you’re done! Switching between cards on your Coin is easy, you simply press a button on the Coin itself to toggle between all the cards you have stored. There’s also a little screen that displays the last 4 digits of your card, expiration date and CCV number.

I can see the pros of this product because it greatly reduces the amount of cards you’ll have to carry around, and you’ll also be the envy of all your friends. Another interesting perk the Coin card has it that it’s linked to your smartphone. If you accidently leave your card behind, your phone will sound and remind you to go back and get your card. Very useful for the absent-minded, or when you’ve had too much to drink! The downside of it is that this card is electronic. The Coin will probably have to be replaced in two years after the battery in it dies, but that depends on how much you use it. Think of it as a bi-annual membership cost of owning this nifty piece of hardware.

I’ve already pre-ordered one for myself, and I can’t wait to get it so I can try it out with my own two hands. When I finally receive my Coin, I’ll post an update on things, and I’ll enjoy life without the brick in my pocket.

You can pre-order a Coin today for the discounted price of $50, or pay $100 when they come out.

Click here to pre-order Coin today!

Andrew Jung is a geek who loves all technology and cars with a passion for adventure. You can find him stuck in front of the computer at odd hours of the day or drooling over some new piece of technology that just came out. Guys Gab is just the opportunity to unleash his creative output and inner nerd!

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