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Guys Gab Hottie Of The Week – Cambria Joy




Cambria Joy is a gorgeous and fun-loving 22-year old model from Los Angeles who’s smoking hot Instagram account recently caught our attention. This globe trotter moved out of the house at age 14, and she has not stopped traveling since. She’s lived in Costa Rica, Hawaii, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Scottsdale, not to mention her namesake Cambria, CA!

The former pageant queen (who was crowned Miss Teen Santa Monica and Miss Teen Orange County) has over four years of experience as a fashion, promo, print, video, and runway model, and has worked with La Isla Bikinis, Kandy Shop Bikinis, MACKR Clothing, Hollywood Magazine, Arsenic Magazine, COED, Kandy Magazine, Men’s Humor, and many more.

Cambria also worked at a number of breastaurants, including Hooters, Twin Peaks, Scottsdale’s Firehouse and Brothers Bar. Judging by these photos, I’m guessing she did pretty well with the tips. 🙂

Want more? Then head over to her Instagram at @cambria_joy, and say goodbye to your productivity..

Photo credit: Instagram

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