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Howard Stern On The Occupy Wall Street Movement



Richard and Sal from the Howard Stern Show interviewed some of those Occupy Wall Steet squatters, and the results are hysterical!

My favorite YouTube response is from DefendGlenn:

Can’t we just call this what it is? The “Millenial Tantrum”. These kids have been told by schools since age 2 that self esteem is what matters. They have run school races with NO winners (“everyone’s a winner!) They have been told to “save the planet” so they rushed into Environmental majors or other academically unchallenging studies, and now graduate to find out how f*cking useless those classes were in the REAL world, and that there are NO jobs for them. And they are PISSED. That’s it!

Haha, so true.. They spent $100K on their degree in basket weaving and can’t find a job now. Whomp whomp!

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