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Jameson Irish Whiskey Wants You To Take Time Off This St. Patrick’s Day



Jameson Irish Whiskey - SPTO

Courtesy of Jameson Irish Whiskey

Last year, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations were called off across the country on account of the pandemic, and it looks like it’s happening again this year as well. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take some much-needed time off this March 17th and celebrate this holidays at home.

Since March 2020, the majority of Americans have shortened, postponed, or canceled their planned time off despite working longer days with fewer breaks. Unfortunately, unused time off is a trend that started well before COVID-19, with more than half of Americans not using all their vacation days. You know what they say about “all work and no play”…

Jameson Irish Whiskey wants you to use one of their unused PTO days (or even just take off a few hours) this St. Patrick’s Day so they can have some fun celebrating this most important of holidays instead. They’ve even got a clever name for it: SPTO – St. Patrick’s Time Off.

Need more convincing? Those willing to take the pledge at and commit to requesting Wednesday, March 17th off will be entered for a chance to win $50 to cover any St. Patrick’s Day expenses.. you know, like bottles of Jameson. In addition, they will donate $50 on behalf of each winner to the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation.

“A Jameson SPTO is the kind of PTO anyone can use, and everyone deserves. Highlight March 17th on your calendar, grab a Jameson cocktail, and rally your friends – it doesn’t matter if you are on a computer, or in masks and 6-feet-apart – St. Patrick’s Day is still on for 2021!” says Jameson partner Retta Sirleaf

Fans can also find custom out-of-office replies, Zoom backgrounds, cocktail recipes, a Spotify playlist, tips for how to celebrate the holiday and more at

Here’s hoping that you can take a much-needed break this St. Patrick’s Day and celebrate they day with your friends.. even if it’s virtually. Who said drinking at home can’t be fun? 🙂

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