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Top 10 Tips For Making It With A Foreign Woman



Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and once again, hundreds of thousands of men will sadly be spending it alone, pining for someone special in their lives. International dating experts at Anastasia International, the world’s largest international online dating company, offer these top 10 tips to American men to land the beautiful, exotic woman of their dreams.

  1. Put your best cyber-foot forward. Just like you, the first thing foreign ladies are going to look for is your profile photo so make sure you’re looking good. Your photo should be in focus, well-lit and clearly show your face or head and shoulders. And smile! A genuine smile will go a lot farther than a picture of you with your shirt off leaning against your Miata (especially if that photo is a few years old). As well, keep your profile fresh by updating it regularly.
  2. Stay focused. With hundreds of thousands of foreign women online looking for American men, it’s tempting to cast a big a net as possible. Don’t. Studies show that men make better dating decisions when their choices are limited. This will help you pay more attention to things like shared values and personal compatibility, the keys to a long-lasting relationship.
  3. Understand the culture. Russian and Ukrainian women have a tendency not to smile to strangers and new acquaintances so don’t take it personally if the first few times you see each other she seems stand-offish when compared to American women. They also expect flowers on a first date, and for a man not to have some bouquet in hand is a big faux pas. I say take it a step further, and surprise her with some chocolate covered strawberries! Latin America is big on traditional gender roles and women love children and family—so much so that you’d better make a good impression on her family, who you’ll meet early on, or your relationship will be over before it gets started. In all three cultures, a key thing to remember is that religion often plays a large role. Finally, it can’t hurt to read up on your love interest’s country.
  4. Use all the tools you can. There are reasons the written word has been a popular way for lovers to communicate for centuries. Letters and emails not only let you know the woman better, but also give you room to describe yourself, your goals and feelings. But, it’s the 21st century, not the 17th, so don’t ignore the more modern forms of communication like live chat, especially with Web cams, sending virtual or real gifts via couriers (even better if you can get a video of her receiving the present!), or enjoying an online video date. This also will help prove that the woman you’ve been emailing with is the same one who’s been replying to you.
  5. Visit her. The large, reputable international online dating companies offer romance tours to their members, regularly scheduled and professionally guided trips to Odessa, Bogota and other exotic destinations where the men can meet not only the women they’ve been corresponding with but also hundreds of new ones. Despite the comparatively low cost, the vast majority of men never take advantage of these excursions, and that means the vast majority of women never get to meet the men in person, either. By going on at least one of these tours, it shows the women that you’re serious and helps you find out if your long-distance chemistry also exists in the flesh.
  6. Protect yourself. While foreign women differ from American women in many ways, some things are the same worldwide. That includes the chance you might run across a woman more interested in your wallet than your heart. Make sure the website you’re using has an anti-scam policy and dedicated anti-scam unit in place. The company should also operate by strict U.S. business standards and the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005, or IMBRA. If the company doesn’t abide by IMBRA, look for another.
  7. Be yourself. You expect the woman you’re corresponding with to be honest with you so why not demand the same from yourself. Don’t worry about trying to impress her the way you need to with American women with talk of huge incomes and expensive possessions. Russian and Latin American women are more interested in men who are honest, loyal, kind and stable.
  8. Don’t send money. You might hear a heart-rending story from a woman about how difficult her life is and want to rush in to be her shining knight. Resist that urge. Similarly, don’t send money for plane tickets or visas. While making sure that the company you use has a dedicated anti-scam unit is vital, there’s always the chance an unscrupulous woman (or man pretending to be a woman) can sneak through. Until they’re caught, you should stay on guard. If you suspect the lady you’re corresponding with is trying to play you, contact the company immediately.
  9. Be prepared to travel. Even if your heart is set on a Russian bride, you may still find yourself going to Odessa, Kharkov, Donetsk or other locales in Ukraine. If you’ve always found Latin American women irresistible, be prepared to visit Colombia and Costa Rica. Also, while many of the women are looking to leave their homeland behind in search of true love and a better life, some love living in cosmopolitan cities like Moscow or Bogota. Ask yourself if being with your soul mate outweighs being close to friends and family.
  10. Don’t be creepy. It can happen to the nicest guys, especially after they discover hundreds of beautiful, intelligent, young women just waiting to meet them. What follows are volumes of love letters and poems, premature marriage proposals and even anger if the lady isn’t available for chatting (despite being many time zones away). Give the woman some space. An occasional love letter is welcome but limit your outpourings or you’ll just look desperate.


  1. Francesco

    February 8, 2012 at 10:28 am

    Nice write-up, and I definitely agree, DON’T SEND MONEY! Foreign women can be sexy and seductive to an outsider, so be careful.

  2. Flounder

    February 8, 2012 at 6:54 pm

    Yeah money is certainly a no-no. Unfortunately many of the people who would be using these types of services would do anything to try and get the girl…

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