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5 Dos and Don’ts for a Successful V-Day



Valentine's Day - Bedroom

Cards, roses, jewelry, chocolate, dinners.. These are all things that men are generally expected to shell out for significant others on Valentine’s Day. But do women expect the same thing?

A survey on Valentine’s Day perspectives commissioned by online dating website AnastasiaDate revealed what men should and should not do to ensure that they and their date go home happy:


  • Flattery will get you everywhere – 54% of female respondents think men should always get them a Valentine’s Day card filled with thoughtful words
  • Treat her like gold and you’re in the money – 70% of female respondents think that if their date treats them with care and respect, they’re guaranteed to seal the deal
  • Save for a rainy day, and she’ll love you forever – 56% of female respondents said it’s appropriate for men to spend $50 or less on them for Valentine’s Day
  • Spend time, not money – 27% of female respondents would prefer a gift that costs no money if it comes from the heart
  • Paying attention pays dividends…in bed – 23% of female respondents think that men who pay focus on them and their interests are most likely to go home with them at the end of the night


  • Smell bad, sleep alone – 49% of female respondents think bad hygiene is the biggest mood killer
  • Forget her name and you’ll never get lucky – 33% of female respondents think being called the wrong name on the date is the easiest way to ruin the mood
  • Money can’t buy her love – 27% of female respondents think that guys don’t have to buy women anything on Valentine’s Day
  • Radar neck will guarantee a lonely night – 24% of female respondents said that if their date checks out other women, they’ll be going home alone
  • Look in the mirror more than Narcissus, go home to your reflection – 22% of female respondents think that men who act overly narcissistic on Valentine’s Day have no chance of going home with them

So there you have it guys, straight from the horse’s mouth. Follow these guidelines this Valentine’s Day and everyone should come away happy!

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