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5 Drinking Games That Are Sure To Get You Hammered



drinking games

Sometimes when I’m out with friends enjoying a tasty adult beverage, I don’t just want to socialize. I want to compete. Why? There is nothing better than going head to head against someone and seeing who is better. It’s the main reason why people watch sports, we all have this competitive edge that drives us. Throw some booze into the picture and you are ready to see who is the best, while playing ridiculously fun games. So with that, I’ve compiled 5 of my favorite drinking games that will definitely get your competitive juices flowing and get you hammered in the process. But always drink responsibly.

1. I’ll start out with one of my favorite games. Pyramids is such a simple game, that involves chugging and the ability to re-build. The game is very similar to beer ball, you need to have a long table and two teams of two. You will on the same side as your partner and your objective is to throw a ping pong ball at a stack of cups on the other side of the table. The cups are empty and stacked upside down in a 3-2-1 pyramid. When you hit the pyramid, hopefully the cups will collapse and fall to the ground. While the other team is rebuilding the pyramid your teammate opens their beer and begins to chug. When the opposing team re-stacks all the cup in the same 3-2-1 format they yell stop, and it’s the other teams turn. This game is definitely a hit for people of any age, and you really don’t need to have that much skill. Bystanders are going to wonder what the heck is going on and immediately want to jump in.

2. Case Race: Now this isn’t just a game, this is a marathon. This game gets your blood pumping and anxiety sets in immediately from the start. I know that doesn’t sound like fun, but trust me this game is worth it. What my friends and I do is a play on the case race. Usually a case race involves teams of 4 trying to see who can finish a 30 pack of beer first. Not only am I entirely sick of beer, I’m usually done for the rest of the night. What makes my rendition of a case race more fun is that you aren’t just drinking brews. First you are put into teams of three or four (the more people the better.) For my example, I am going to use two teams of four. Each team of four has to finish the following in it’s entirety. 18 beers of your choice (usually something light) 1 5th of a liquor. I am a whiskey fan so usually I’ll try to give my teammates that aren’t whiskey drinkers a flavored whiskey that’s pretty easy to do shots of, lets say Fireball Whiskey. Each team can choose whatever liquor they want to drink, just try and keep the proofs as close as possible. The next ingredient to this concoction is a whole pizza. When your drinking, nothing goes better than pizza. Plain, pepperoni, supreme, anchovies; it doesn’t matter. Next, throw in a random food of your choosing. I have played this game enough that having a food curveball is sure to keep your team on their toes. I have played with a giant bag of marshmallows, pickles and pork rinds. Pork rinds were especially tough because they were so dry, it made it tough to complete. Lastly, comes the hardest part of the game. A 100 piece puzzle. The puzzle makes this competition about 100 times harder to finish. You would think that a puzzle would be easy, puzzles are for children. Have about 5 shots and soon you are acting like a child. Go to your local Dollar Tree, grab a puzzle and enjoy. It makes the game that much more fun. Each team should have the same amount of supplies and than a race ensues. With both teams in the same room, you’ll keep on looking to see how your opponents are handling the event. Let the race begin!

3. 7’s/11’s and Doubles: The best part about 7’s/11’s and Doubles is that you are all working together to make someone else lose. This someone who is losing could be you! This is a simple game, with extreme consequences. The game is played with a group of people, it doesn’t matter how many play but I would recommend a group higher than 4. All you need is 2 dice and a lot of beer. Players take turn rolling the dice first trying not to role in a combination of the dii a seven an eleven or a double. For example if the player rolls a four and a three than they would have to drink. They would be drinking a cup filled with beer. The unlucky roller must be ready to chug. They can begin chugging when the person to their left picks up the dice and begins rolling for a 7/11 or a double. If he doesn’t roll it, than the dice is moved to the next player. The game stops if one of the dice roller’s rolls a 7/11 or double. If they correctly roll one of the three options than the drinker stops and his beer is refilled and he has to go again. All the drinker has to do is to chug the beer before one of the three options are rolled. Once he beats the roller, than the players continue to roll and see who is the next unlucky victim.

4. Captain D***head: This is a staple for a typical weekend at school. Not only is this game effortless, but it can be brutal. In this game, you can become god and be as polite or as ruthless as you please. All you need is a deck of cards and a shot of a liquor of your choice (Crown Royal is my personal choice), and whatever you want to drink for yourself. The shot is placed on the table and you spread the cards face down around in a circle making sure that there is no openings where you can see the table. The game is very similar to kings in that you take turns picking cards and each card has a different task. Let me explain what each card means. If you pick any red card from a 2-10 than you give out seconds to drink. If you picked up a 5 of hearts than you would give out 5 seconds to any of the other players. If you were to pick up an 8 of clubs than unfortunately you would have to drink 8 seconds. If you pick up a Jack than its a simple game of never have I ever. Basically you will say something that you have never done to find out embarrassing things about your friends and strangers at the party. If you have done something than you put one of your three fingers down. If all three of your fingers are down than you lose and have to drink for five seconds. Next if you pick up a queen, the game is questions. What you do is look at anybody at the table and ask a question. If you are looked and a question was asked to you, you immediately have to look at someone else and ask another question. If you can’t think of a question or you answer a question than you lose and take a drink. Get creative and stump your friends with bizarre questions. Remember when I said you could be god at this game? Well if you pick up a king than you become Captain D***head until the next king is picked up. As Captain D***head you are the authority. You decide when any player drinks. If you want your friend to drink 10 seconds, he has to do it. You want him to finish his beer, done. He has no other choice. Once the last king is flipped than that person remains Captain D***head for the rest of the game. Finally if you pick up the ace than you get to create a new rule. You can have fun with this one. Be as creative as you like, you can make it so that you can’t say anybody’s names or that you can’t say the words drink, drank or drunk. Soon the cards will be disappearing and someone is likely to break the chain. If you break the chain than the shot is yours. Enjoy!

5. Up the River, Down the River: Another staple at a typical college weekend, but this game can be played anywhere at anytime and with any drink. All you need is a deck of cards and a comfy seat to park yourself. You will each be given three cards and the first round you are supposed to guess whether the first card you turn over is red or black. If you get it correctly than you give out 2 seconds, if you get it wrong than you drink for 2 seconds. The next round you have to guess whether your card is higher or lower than the first card you picked up. Ace is the highest card in this game. If you guess correctly you give out 4 seconds and if you lose drink for 4. The final round is whether the card that you flip over is in between your previous two cards. If it is in between than you give out 6 seconds and if you lose than you give out 6. If your card matches one of the previous cards than you are still a loser and not in-between. This is a great warm up game, and you can be as nice or mean to your friends as you like.

Let me know if there are any drinking games that you like to play with your friends? If you tried to play any of these games, let me know how they went and if you liked them?

Corey Panati is a graduate of York College, and he's also the latest addition to Guys Gab. He's excited to bring his love of sports and movies to a browser near you. If you're on Twitter, you can follow his ramblings @coreypanati

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