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The Secret To After Dinner Drinks



after dinner drinks

Nothing finishes off a dinner party like a decadent drink. Whatever your dining style, after the coffees have been poured, it’s always nice to be able to offer a night cap. If you think ahead, you can make preparations and be ready to serve up a few easy-to-make yet delicious drinks without having to spend a fortune on rare ingredients.

The tip to the perfect after-dinner drink is being ready with a good variety of high quality spirits.

Spirits Straight Up

Some spirits are best savored on their own, and a straight glass with no embellishments is the best way for people to enjoy the taste if you’ve invested in a special spirit. And it’s also easy to prepare. Choosing what to offer isn’t easy though. Serving whisky is one of the best options if you want to make a stylish statement. You don’t have to be a connoisseur to find a great variety, and serving it correctly is easy to master. You can offer it straight or with water. Take the time to make your guests an ‘old fashioned’ cocktail for a drink with a little extra drama, or serve it with a small piece of dark chocolate on the side to bring out the flavors. However it comes, whisky is a classic ‘end of the evening’ choice that is always a great conversation point.

Quick Fixes

Although whisky is the obvious option for the last drink of the evening, other spirits can work too. Rum is ideal if you’re serving a really sumptuous, spongy pudding, and a gin and tonic is a classic. If you’ve themed your evening meal, then try a foreign favorite to match your menu – A Sake goes perfectly with an Oriental dinner. You’ll never go wrong with a drop of Grand Marnier liqueur to complete a sweet dessert. The latter makes the quintessential after dinner drink with its unique blend of orange, coffee, honey, almond, and spice flavors.

Incredible Cocktails

For guests that prefer cocktails to straight spirits, all you need to do is remember a few simple recipes and keep basic ingredients stocked up so you always have a few options on offer. Make sure you have a high quality whisky, vodka, gin and rum in the cupboard, to make everything from a Mojito or a Cosmopolitan to a Black Russian, or if the party goes on long enough, a bloody Mary.

When planning any dinner party, it’s all about the little details, so don’t forget to stock up and plan ahead.

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