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5 Ways That Seniors Can Stay Active Even During Winter Months



Winter months or sloth months, there’s no difference. Our blankets become our best friends as the temperature drops outside our windows. It is only human for everyone, irrespective of the age, to be lazy and refrain themselves from any sort of physical activity. 

However, when we are young, we get our fair share of being active, even if it’s just household chores. The older adults, not so much. They need to push themselves to do better as the chilly winds surround us. They will simply let the winter months turn them into couch potatoes if they don’t find enough motivation to get out of the bed. 

There are many ways that older adults can use to keep themselves active. In this article, you can read about exactly those. Make sure to jot down the ones you think you or the elders in your house are capable of doing. 

Try home exercises and stretches

We know it is difficult to even step near the door when the temperature outside is utterly low. Well, that doesn’t mean you should use it as an excuse to just lie around the house. 

The easiest way to ensure you are getting some workout done is by finding and trying out the best exercises that can work for you. You don’t need a gym for working out. All you need is a good mat for a few exercises. 

There are plenty of back exercises, leg workout, joint movements, and body stretches that will leave you feeling better. You don’t need to spend hours doing it. Even 30 minutes of working out and stretches can do wonders for you. 

Look for a indoor pool

If home work out doesn’t do the trick for you and you have transportation, try to find a nearby pool to your area. Spending a few minutes inside the pool can also work like magic during the winter season. 

Swimming might be a low-impact physical activity, but it is great for your muscles and joints. If you or the older adults in your home are suffering from arthritis, swimming is a great workout which can be suggested to them. 

You can also keep a lookout for indoor pools that offer additional activities related to the pool including water aerobics or maybe water yoga. This type of workout has proven to be beneficial for many elders and have shown an increase in their agility, strength, as well as their flexibility. 

It is also a great workout to keep the cholesterol levels at check. 

Enroll in a group/class

Mostly, motivation can die if you don’t have someone else pushing you to get out more. Loneliness can truly be harmful. Solution? Find yourself a group to workout with. 

There are many community centers that offer group activities and group classes. The main aim of these classes is to encourage elders to work on their physical self. This is also a great place for them to make new friends and meet new people. 

A popular range of such classes include Zumba, tai chi, yoga, and aerobics. There are also a few friendly competitions that keep happening, making elders feel alive and motivated to get out even when it’s freezing outside. 

Walk around a mall 

Well, perhaps the term ‘workout’, ‘exercise’, ‘lazy’, or even ‘yoga’ could create a particular impression amongst the minds of elders and make them run away from the idea of it altogether. 

Why not try and mix fun and physical activity? Whenever you find yourself stuck with snow outside your homes, consider heading to the mall for ‘window shopping’ with the older adults at your home. 

The indoor temperatures are bearable and safe as well. They are mostly clean and always well-lit. Walking can help keep the bones of elders healthier and help them relax their muscles. 

Build an in-home gym 

If you feel that a body-weight workout isn’t enough for the elders to stay active during the winter months, invest in some high-quality gym equipment. 

This way, they won’t have to step out in the chilly winds to get a proper workout routine done. They can do it from their home. 

You can buy some basic dumbbells that will help to burn fat in the back, chest, and arms. You can also get some larger machines like a stationary bike to help them get their cardio. 

All you need to do is make sure that these workouts are done under supervision. Also, avoid treadmills as they are quite hard on the knees. 


Indulging in some form of physical activity during the winter months is crucial for adults. Otherwise, the chances of their joints getting swollen or jammed increases. These can cause more problems. These were the different ways to keep the older adults in your homes active and help them enjoy a healthier life, no matter the season. 

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