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7 Most Common Mistakes That Can Ruin A Car Accident Claim



If you have been involved in a car crash, it’s inevitable to say this has had a negative impact on you, financially, physically and on your very emotional well-being as well. You are typically entitled to compensation of many sorts from the partial or complete payment of your bills, to replacement of lost properties and more. The rule of law entitles you to these benefits.

It is a known fact that most insurance companies limit you, to a large extent, from recovering your compensation. It remains of dire importance to keep abreast of your rights, especially for situations like these. This article seeks to ensure that your rights are not trampled upon as we list 7 common mistakes that will definitely ruin your car accident claim, if not avoided.

Refusal To Seek Medical Attention

Normally, after a crash, it’s important you get checked up in a hospital to ensure that you are okay and there is no internal bleeding, especially in cases where you don’t sustain physical injuries. Away from these, it has a great advantage if you’re looking to file a lawsuit. A visit to the hospital after an unfortunate car accident can serve as a piece of hard evidence that, whatever negative effect that may have surfaced definitely came from the accident. While at the hospital, do well to answer all the questions that you may be asked following the incident, as truthfully as you can, refrain from giving false or partial information. If your insurance company does find out about this, you ultimately risk taking the blame of the incident to yourself.

Not Documenting The Details Of The Accident As Soon As It Happens

Documenting the details of the accident boosts your chances of winning a court case, should you consider taking legal action of any sort of documentation of the accident scene; could include taking video and photo-shoots, getting witnesses of the scene contact details, as well as progressive shots that show your healing progress, should you sustain any physical injury on your body. Shoot videos of yourself talking about how that accident may have affected you and do well to elaborate on the coping mechanisms you have adopted afterward.

Refusing To Call Your Lawyer Immediately

After a car crash, it is very important to contact your lawyer as soon as possible as it is obvious you cannot handle this case on your own. As the case may be, you may think to yourself, “meh, it’s an accident after all”, well, no. Legal representation is one very principal thing to get done immediately if you wish to get any form of compensation from your insurance company after a case of a car crash. Understanding the legal implications of your accident goes a long way in helping your claims. Actually, having an attorney who is an expert on auto accident guarantees that you have an expert to represent you well with your insurance company, making sure that you are defended well in events should the case reach trial in court. Do not overlook this process, it is of uttermost importance.

Approaching Your Insurance Company Without Speaking With Your Attorney

You see, many insurance companies are a crafty bunch. They specialize in extracting some certain information from victims, in order to reduce the actual value in percentage from the supposed compensation.If you do not take proper caution and speak to your attorney after the accident, it may be a slippery slide for you. Never talk to them without your attorney’s advice. See to it that your rights are fully protected and refuse to sign any document or make a statement without your attorney.

Posting Details About The Accident On Social Media

It’s a common saying that the government is spying on you. Well, your insurance companies are also spying on you. They are constantly looking out for posts, your posts, that can be used to rule out your claim. After an incident as serious as this, do not post details of it on social media, particularly when you have not confided in your attorney and no legal action whatsoever has been taken.

Accepting The Repair Shop Recommended To You By Your Insurance Company

By now you should know that, the insurance companies look for different available means to cut corners and save money, your money. The repair shops they recommend to you often cheat you for a full repair value. Go out, get some estimates from trusted repair shops, and choose whichever one you’re most comfortable with.

Taking A Quick Payout

It looks the quickest and easiest; however, it is never the best way to settle this case. Accepting a quick payout means you’re settling for less and this also means that you validate boldly that, any repercussions that may arise later will be on you. As explained above, sometimes after auto crashes, you may get internal injuries that only take some amount of time before they become serious. Don’t accept quick payouts. You rule out any claims you may need to make in the future.

Also make sure you follow through with all the appointments. If you fail to do so, you could actually allow the liable party to shift the blame to you.

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