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7 Of The Best Bars In New York City



Death and Co

New York City is one of the largest and most visited cities in the world, with 50 million of us choosing to visit the Big Apple every year. From incredible architecture and historic monuments, to beautiful parks and trendy shops, it no wonder so many people are hypnotized this vibrant urban jungle.

The city also epitomizes the best that American nightlife has to offer, so whether you are into craft beers or kooky cocktails, New York will have the drinking spot for you. Figuring out which of NYC’s 2000 plus bars to try out can be tricky, but rest assured our list of the best will take some pressure off so you’re left to enjoy a booze-filled evening stress free!

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Metrograph Commissary

This little gem can be found inside the Lower East Side cinema and is designed to re-create Hollywood’s old school studio hangouts. Its elegant setting (think potted palms and classic bar stools) makes it a great setting for a no-fuss, high-end drinking spot.

124 Rabbit Club

Situated in the West Village, you could never guess that this bar was actually only opened in 2006. It has a great vintage vibe and is perfect if you’re after an authentic, old-fashioned New York drinking experience.


Duckduck, as its name suggests, is a quirky converted garage bar, filled with random, mismatched furniture and features an oddly placed spiral staircase sticking out of its ceiling. The coolest of all dive-bars, it’s the ultimate place for locals to run into everyone they’ve ever met in Brooklyn and one of the most popular places for go for an intimate drinks session with your mates.

Frying Pan

A former lightship that now acts as a floating bar, the Frying Pan is the perfect spot to sit and watch the sunset drop over the Hudson.

Death and Co

In the East Village underworld beyond a thick curtain, you will find a dark the mysterious watering-hole known as Death and Co, filled with crystal chandeliers and suede banquettes. Their menu is filled with snazzy new drinks for the bold and daring. It’s so good it may be the only bar crawl stop you will need to hit!

Brooklyn Winery

This working winery is the ultimate destination for a wine connoisseur. The Brooklyn Winery offers tours that feature in-house wines from infamous winemaker, Conor McCormack. This spot is also becoming increasingly popular as a wedding destination… wine not?!

Angel’s Share

One of New York’s more high-end speakeasy style bars, The Angel’s Share features Japanese-influenced cocktails and décor. As with most speakeasies of their day, the bar is located on an unmarked door inside a second floor East Village Japanese restaurant. Happy hunting!

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