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Best Christmas Gifts For Men In 2020



Christmas gift

This holiday season, expect things to be a little different than those in recent years. With many people skipping family gatherings due to travel restrictions or just out of caution, getting the right gift for your loved ones needs to be planned out in advance. No more last-minute trips to Walmart to grab the only remaining pair of socks off the shelf this year. Hence, it’s even more important to get the right gift for your loved ones and, for those of you shopping for any men in your life, we’ve put together the ultimate wish list.

Our list of manly gifts is perfect during travel-restricted times like these as all of them can be enjoyed from the comfort of their own home. Functional, tactical, convenient, and even rewardingly challenging, any man would be thrilled to unbox one of these thoughtful presents. Additionally, all of these options offer shipping nationwide and internationally. So without further adieu, here are our top 5 Christmas gifts for Men in 2020.

1. Beard Grooming Kit & Beard Trimmer

Whether he needs to clean up for a Zoom meeting, manscape that grizzled look for a romantic evening at home or you’re just sick of his scraggly beard hairs around the house, the Fulllight Tech beard grooming kit is the perfect gift for any man in lockdown. This kit is packed with beard wash, shampoo, leave-in conditioner, growth oil, a beard comb, a boar hair beard brush, custom grooming scissors, and a storage bag, all for a very reasonable price.

For the extra special man in your life, throw in one of the best beard trimmers on the market today from a top trusted manufacturer and you’ve got him the gift that keeps on giving. He’ll be looking fresh all day, every day and he’ll have you to thank for that.

2. Personalized Playing Cards

These personalized playing cards are one of the coolest, most distinctive customizable gifts that we’ve come across. With the option to select one of their exceptional preset fonts, upload your own or use your own image, this is a creative gift that he’ll love. Plus, he’ll be the envy of all his friends the next time he invites them over to play poker and busts out his personalized deck of cards.

The great thing about playing cards is all the games you can learn and play with a single deck, making it the ideal present for someone with a bit of time on their hands. Watch him impress the guys with his new-found mastery of games like rummy and crazy eights, or he can show off his knowledge of blackjack strategy to get his buddies ready for the next time they hit Vegas.

3. Home Brewery Kit

For men who love beer, learning how to make your own batch of signature brew opens up a whole new appreciation for the world’s 3rd most consumed beverage (only behind tea and coffee for those that were curious). Northern Brewer is one of the best beer-making kit manufacturers in the nation, yet their starter kits are very reasonable. Our favorite is the craft beer kit which comes with a hefty 1-gallon jug so he’ll have plenty to share with friends and family once he’s perfected his craft.

Northern Brewer even throws in a few of their best recipes to make sure his first batch tastes great. With so many options in the wonderful world of beer-making, no doubt he’ll have a fun new hobby that puts a smile on his face every sip of the way.

4. CO2-Powered Growler

This is a great find for the beer-lover in your life. A modern take on the standard growler which only keeps beer fresh for a few days, the uKeg GO Tungston Growler uses CO2-powered, suds-saving technology to maintain his beer’s freshness and optimal carbonation for weeks.

Its durable and lightweight construction combined with double-wall vacuum insulation keeps beer cold even on the go. With a tap-like spout at the top, he’ll be pouring pints of fresh, delicious brew for all of his friends no matter where he wanders.

5. Ultimate BBQ Grill Set

Since the discovery of fire, mankind has loved a good BBQ. So why not give the gift of the ultimate BBQ Grill Set to that special BBQ master you know and love? This 10-piece grill set is literally all he needs (besides the grill itself) to cook up a storm, but it was some unique, yet extremely functional utensils that made this grill set stand out from the others we’ve seen.

For starters, the tri-tip spatula is basically the combination of a butchers knife and a stainless steel spatula, but with the addition of a bottle opener at the top so he can slice, dice and serve grilled meats and crack open a cold one while he’s at it. Also, the bladed-edge meat scissors are the perfect blend of a sharp cutting knife with powerful meat cutting scissors, and of course, an ever-necessary bottle opener as well. There’s really nothing missing in this 10-piece grill set and it comes with a highly affordable price tag.

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