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Check Out This Jaw Dropping Video Footage Of The Himalayas!



In my younger days, I dreamt about one day climbing Mount Everest. But let’s face it, I’m out of shape, have a bad back, and am short about $70K. So unless I discover the fountain of youth and a money tree, I’d say it’s probably not in the cards for me.

Thankfully, I can see what I’m missing out on thanks to the aerial cinema experts at Teton Gravity Research, who recently released this amazing footage of the Himalayas shot from above 20,000 feet. The footage was captured with the GSS C520 system, the most advanced gyro-stabilized camera system in the world.

Filmed from a helicopter with a crew flying from Kathmandu at 4,600 feet up to 24,000 feet on supplemental oxygen, these are some of the most stable, crisp, clear aerial shots of these mountains ever released, which include Mt. Everest, Ama Dablam, and Lhotse.

The top of the Himalayas has never looked better from the ground.

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