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Guinness Introduces New Chocolate Mint Stout For The Holiday Season



Guinness Chocolate Mint Stout

The Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Baltimore is excited to continue its ongoing barrel-aging series with Guinness Chocolate Mint Stout Aged in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels, a limited-edition barrel-aged stout that brings the flavors of the season to life, perfect for the holidays.

The seasonal stout is brewed with dried mint leaves, aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels, and then conditioned with pure cacao to keep the flavors as true to life as possible. With a 10.8% ABV, Guinness Chocolate Mint Stout Aged in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels is the perfect treat to bring to a holiday party, pair with a favorite dessert, gift to the beer lover in your life or just enjoy by the fire as the temperature drops.

“With each new beer from our barrel-aging program, we look to challenge ourselves with flavor combinations and tastes that most people wouldn’t expect from Guinness,” said Sean Brennan, Head Brewer at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Baltimore. “And that’s exactly what we’ve got here with our Chocolate Mint Stout Aged in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels. Chocolate and mint are a classic flavor combination, and the way those flavors interact with the bourbon character leads to something really special. It’s the perfect beer to sip on after a solid meal with family and friends over the holidays.”

The bold flavors come from the combination of bright mint and the complexity of dark chocolate and bourbon oak flavors, making the brew the perfect toast with this holiday season. Guinness Chocolate Mint Stout Aged in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels can be found on shelves across the country now for a limited time in 4-packs of 11.2oz bottles at a suggested retail price of $19.99, as well as on tap at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Baltimore.

For those looking to add even more seasonal flavor to holiday gatherings this year, the Guinness Open Gate Brewery also recently introduced Guinness Gingerbread Stout. Brewed with allspice, ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon, Guinness Gingerbread Stout is on shelves for a limited time only in Maryland, Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey, and Delaware.

No matter what Guinness beer you choose to raise a toast with this season, always celebrate the holidays responsibly.

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