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Guys Gab Hottie Of The Week – Lindsey Pelas



Lindsey Pelas

The genetically gifted Lindsey Pelas has taken Instagram by storm, with the Southern bombshell racking up a whopping 4.8 million followers in a short amount of time. So what’s her secret? A never-ending flow of sexy selfies that show off her amazing, all-natural 32DDD breasts!

The 24-year-old buxom beauty regularly posts sexy shots revealing plenty of cleavage, sideboob, underboob, and every other kind of boob on Instagram. And with a body like hers, you’d better believe that people are constantly trying to “slide into her DMs”, including plenty of athletes (like Texas Rangers’ Derek Holland).

“I love being the bombshell, I love wearing bikinis, I love being sexy, I love boys who hit on me respectfully, I love getting called beautiful. I’ll never not love flattery and compliments.”

And if you’re planning on hitting on her, take note: “I love a man with confidence and drive! If he can inspire me in any way, I’m usually intrigued. Oh, and if he’s well groomed, in a suit every now and then, I think that’s pretty hot.”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to get a shave and buy a suit.. 🙂

Make sure you follow Lindsey Pelas on Instagram at @LindseyPelas.

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