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How Men and Women Differ When Buying Houses



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There are many differences between men and women. Not just the obvious ones, but many other subtle nuances in the way they approach, execute and consider a variety of matters. Purchasing property is no exception!

On a data-based level, we can observe a difference in who is purchasing houses. Right now, couples are the ones most likely to buy a house, followed by single women in their 30s. Single men of the same age are lagging, either waiting until they are older or until they find a partner and decide to buy together. But for those men that do buy, what differences are there in the way they approach the process?


When it comes to researching properties, mortgages, and other related matters, women are typically more interested in this task. A recent survey in the US found that less than 40% of men said they were involved with or responsible for contacting banks and securing a mortgage. Almost half of the women said that this was their responsibility. Over the last year, the way that people search for mortgages and even property has changed.

A clear preference for using online services has emerged with many, both male and female, choosing to use tools such as the Trussle online mortgage calculator. This is an example of a way the process can be made much easier as it provides several deals based on the data that is inputted. For men, who prioritize speed and convenience when it comes to research, this is a huge bonus. This guide also goes into more detail about the house buying process in general and even has advice for those who may have bad credit too.

Looking at homes

Men, like women, are keen to live in a good area, but what this means varies significantly between them both. Women tend to look for decent schooling options, safe areas, and those nearby to friends and family. Men on the other hand are more likely to consider value for money. They will opt for a less safe neighborhood if the price is right and it’s nearby amenities like bars, restaurants, and work.

In terms of the property itself, men will pay more attention to how much maintenance it needs and they are more likely to discard homes that require a lot of work and ongoing commitment. Women, however, are more in tune with the long-term potential of a property.

Settling in

Once the property has been purchased and everything has been moved, again there are many disparities between the sexes. Women are more likely to redecorate, having planned color schemes and themes for months in advance.

Men will typically leave the property as it is, not making any significant alterations to paint or design. This builds on an existing trend of men not liking to talk much about design matters. They will also probably ignore the neighbors, whereas their female counterparts will introduce themselves, observe from a distance and be curious about who lives around them.

Overall, the male approach to house hunting and moving to a new house is based on a desire for convenience and simplicity. They want the whole process to be completed with minimal fuss and stress. While women aren’t looking to necessarily complicate the situation, their attention to detail and a more emotion-led approach means that in the eyes of many men, it’s over the top. Whose approach is best, however, remains a bone of contention!

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