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How To Girlfriend-Proof Your Computer



Snooping Girlfriend

Girlfriend-proofing your computer is key to your survival within a relationship – These are the steps every man should be taking right now.

Girlfriend-proofing depends on the lady in question, right? Hmmm.. perhaps not. Even the most level-headed of girlfriends may resort to sneaky spying techniques from time to time (Sorry, but we’re not buying the ‘oh I just stumbled across it’ excuse). From alternative logins to multiple passwords (with a Windows password recovery tool on hand, just in case), here are some ideas to prevent any unwanted discoveries.

Different Logins
If you share a laptop or PC with your other half, it’s a good idea to have your own logins. If breeching the subject seems more trouble than it’s worth – think again! This is a positive step towards computer-based freedom.

Just explain to your girlfriend that you’re overhauling the computer to be more organized, or that it’s a move designed to benefit her (after all, she doesn’t share your love of cars, so why would she want to see that Lamborghini wallpaper every time she logs in?). If she still needs more convincing, this article may prove useful reading.

Use Private Browsing
If you’re looking at something on the internet that you want to remain secret, make use of private browsing (on Internet Explorer) or incognito mode (in Chrome). This feature is particularly useful for your social media accounts – most guys will agree their Facebook account is the number one target for prying eyes! If you’re logging into Facebook, Twitter or any other site, use private browsing. That way, if she uses your computer, she won’t ‘accidentally’ be faced with your account – all logged in and prime for snooping.

On the romantic side, if you’re planning something special for your lady, do your online research via the private browsing facility. That way, it won’t appear in your history, and won’t be subjected to random spot-checks.

Turn Off Auto-Complete
Auto-complete is the memory tool your browser uses to suggest search topics, or to guess a URL in your address bar. If you’ve been looking at a website your other half wouldn’t approve of (as if!), there’s a very real chance that this could blow your cover. If you want your search history to remain private, change your browser settings.

Change Your Password Frequently
If you use one password for everything, change your ways! This tip is important not just for girlfriend-proofing, but to minimise the risk of fraudulent behaviour too. Make sure you have a different password for everything – even if it’s a variation on a theme, it’s better than nothing.

If your main concern is an invasion of privacy by your significant other, then your computer password is probably your main ally – by changing it regularly, you can avoid nasty slip-ups. If your girlfriend queries your behaviour, an off-hand ‘it’s considered best-practice’ might do the trick. Possibly.

Windows Password Recovery Tool – Your Best Friend
By changing your password frequently, you’ll not only be minimizing the risk of ‘getting caught’ (at whatever it is you’re doing…), but also increasing the risk of forgetting your password. If your laptop runs Windows, there are Windows password recovery tools available if you do forget – just Google them. If you have a Mac, there are techniques for recovering your password too. So there’s no excuse – protect your right to freedom now!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. The Guy

    June 3, 2013 at 9:04 am

    Thanks for the tips. Using different passwords and password protecting everything. Thanks for the tips on password recovery, I wasn’t aware of those.

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