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Iceland Cliffside Retreat: Thrilling Views Included




Known for his incredible and somewhat outlandish creations, Boston architect Alex Hogrefe recently shocked the architectural design world with his latest project – The “cliffside retreat in Iceland.”

Designed with the purpose of taking advantage of all terrains and formations that Mother Nature’s given us, Alex improvised this breathtaking design exercise by choosing a quite challenging site on the untouched and rocky west cost of Iceland. In fact, it’s so untouched that it’ll need its own roads if/once built.


Made out of clean and sharp concrete slabs and wrapped in primarily floor-to-ceiling glass panels, Alex’s idea is to maximize the panoramic views of the rocky coast, sky and sea, which depending on weather conditions, can range from sunny and postcard perfect, to gloomy and outright scary.

Even the interior of the retreat will feature bare concrete walls, while the rest of the décor will be minimalistic-modern, with various masterpieces by the likes of American-Russian painter, Mark Rothko.


So what do you think, would you go there?

Photo credit: Alex Hogrefe / Visualizing Architecture

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