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LeBron James Breaks The All-Time Scoring Record



LeBron James may be wearing a Lakers jersey, but he will always be tied to Cleveland and the Cleveland Cavaliers. This is the city he spent the most time in. This is the city he scored the most points. This is the city where he became the greatest player of his era in. Cleveland locals have long forgiven “The Decision.” LeBron came back and won a championship beating the 73-win Warriors. We, in Cleveland, have had a front row seat to LeBron’s greatness since day one. Coming out of St. Vincent St. Mary in Akron Ohio, we all saw that this guy was special. But I don’t know if anyone thought he would be THIS. We didn’t know the player many compared to Magic Johnson would become the NBA’s greatest scorer. But here we are. 38,388 (and counting) points later, we can all take part in celebrating LeBron.

LeBron makes history

There are only a handful of things I stay up late on a Tuesday night for. Watching history being made is on that list. In a game that from the beginning was anticipated would be magical, LeBron did not disappoint. Stars were out. Family was out. Kareem was in attendance. This was the moment. And after scoring 35 points in the first three quarters, with 10 seconds to go in the third LeBron decided it was time. A fadeaway from the elbow, and into the history books.

LeBron James has done just about everything right. As an athlete, he’s done everything you can do in your sport. He’s not a perfect player, but he is the greatest player of his era and maybe all time. He didn’t NEED the scoring title to cement that but…. It certainly doesn’t hurt his case. From Cleveland, to Miami, back to Cleveland, and now LA, LeBron has always been consistent, and always respected the game. The amount of pressure out of high school hasn’t been seen since. He is the youngest to do just about everything he’s done and will be the ONLY player in the 40k points club.

The fact that from now on, EVERYTIME LeBron scores a point, it’s a new record, it’s history….. I mean…. wow!!! It has been a pleasure watching, and it has been special. Akron is proud, and Cleveland is proud. LeBron has lived up to, and exceeded ALL the hype and there is nothing but respect to LeBron James. 38,388 and counting. And it started, right here in Cleveland.

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