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3 Ways To Make A Good Impression On The First Date



Young couple on a date

Whether it’s a blind date or someone you have known for a long time, putting yourself out there in the dating scene is difficult at any age. You may tremble, have sweaty palms or have trouble conversing. This is mostly due to the fact that you know you have one chance to make a lasting impression. It can become even more stressful if you’re a bit older. Then, other insecurities come into play such as thinning hair or male pattern balding or weight gain.

There are some things you can do to leave behind a positive memory and possibly get the second date. First, appearance matters. Now this doesn’t mean that you have to look like Tom Cruz. It simply means that you need to have good hygiene. Shower, shave, trim your nails and style your hair. If you have noticeable signs of thinning hair or bald spots, keeping your hair shorter will draw attention away from it. If it bothers you, there are products on the markets like Scalp Med that can help you to achieve a thicker and healthier head of hair. It doesn’t happen overnight, but within a few short months, you’ll notice a difference.

You should also dress to impress. Wear clothing that accentuates your muscle tone and improves the look of your mid-section. The sports jacket is one of those staple items that is a must-have for any man’s wardrobe. Whether you are going to a fancy restaurant or meeting up at the local bar for a few drinks, the sports jacket covers all bases. If you have a dinner reservation, you can wear a suit and tie, but it’s not your only option. You can also wear a polo shirt with a collar and a sports jacket with slacks. If you’ve agreed to meet up at the local bar, a polo shirt and jacket with your favorite designer jeans is a great choice. The important thing is not to show up looking sloppy and instead, define yourself through your style. Forget the t-shirt and casual jeans. Those are suitable for a backyard game of football, but you should never make the mistake that they make a great choice for a first date.

When you dress sharp, women take you seriously. You instantly gain trust, respect, and admiration. After all, she probably spent hours picking out her outfit for the evening and appreciates that you did the same. It has also been proven that when a man dresses well he feels good. He demonstrates confidence, swagger, and charm. This helps you to remove barriers and be yourself. Your wit and true personality come to life.

Even though women like equal treatment in the workplace, when you’re out on a date they want you to wait on them. Here manners are important. Hold the door open and allow them to enter first, pull the chair out and push it in and yes, pick up the tab.

Whether you are new to the dating scene or a seasoned vet re-entering after years removed, just remember that first impressions matter. If you like someone and want to develop a relationship, taking the time to put your best face forward will improve your chances.

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