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Mistakes You Might Not Even Realize You’re Making On The Road



When you’ve been driving for a while, it’s something you pretty much do as second nature. You barely have to think about changing gears or slowing down because it comes naturally once you’ve been behind the wheel for so long. However, there may be a few mistakes you’re making as a result – many of the mistakes we’re going to list here are mistakes you probably wouldn’t even realize you’re making.

Let’s take a look at mistakes you might not even realize you’re making on the road:

Getting Momentarily Distracted

You might think that a momentary distraction is no big deal, but whether it’s your phone or your child in the backseat grabbing your attention, you could be in big trouble. Just a second or two away from the road, even something catching your eye at the side of the road, could result in braking too slowing and a collision. Whether you’re driving to work or taking a road trip, your concentration needs to be as high as possible the entire journey.

Not Planning Before You Get Behind The Wheel

Planning before you get behind the wheel will save you so much trouble. Look at the weather, traffic on your route, and whether there are any closures before you leave. Do this as far in advance as you can so you can adjust your leaving time accordingly. Not only will this prepare you for what will be on your route, it’ll ensure you can drive carefully without getting stressed out or having to rush.

Not Knowing What To Do In The Event Of An Accident

Nobody wants to consider the fact that they might end up in an accident, but it’s so important to know what to do should something happen. In fact, you might need to hire a lawyer if the accident is your fault or you end up being blamed for the accident. You’ll need to document the scene, get witness statements/details, and call the relevant authorities. It can be difficult to know what to do when you’re shook up from an accident, which is why you should get familiar with the steps beforehand.

Poor Signaling

There is quite possibly nothing more annoying than a driver that doesn’t signal properly. Many drivers forget to signal when they are making an exit, which can confuse other drivers. Refamiliarize yourself with how you are supposed to signal at every turn and exit so you can be considerate to other drivers and avoid causing an accident on the road.

Driving Dehydrated

It’s not exactly driving drunk, but even 1% drop in hydration could mean a huge drop in your concentration levels. Staying hydrated will especially help you to ward off fatigue on long journeys – just make sure you plan more stops so that you can use the toilet. Again, this will take a little extra planning, but you should be confident that you’ll make it through your journey without needing a nap.

Leaving Your High Beams On

While high beams are important to use when driving on roads that have no street lights, people need to be aware of when they are using their high beams and turn them off whenever there are other cars around them. Ensure you use your low beams whenever you see another car’s headlights or taillights in the distance, and pay attention to your lights on your dash – it’s not impossible to accidentally turn the lights on while you drive, although hopefully this is something you would notice right away if you’re paying attention. You should act quickly when you see another driver to avoid momentarily blinding them and causing an accident.

Driving With Your Seat In A Less Than Optimal Position

Being comfortable isn’t the only thing you need to worry about when driving. Many people actually sit too far back, and this means they don’t have proper control of the vehicle they’re operating. Reaction times can be slowed when your legs are too stretched out. You need to be able to comfortably reach the brake and the gas without stretching too much. Plus, if you get too comfortable in your car, it’s not unusual to go into a trance and stop paying attention to your surroundings. You should have both hands on the wheel and be able to reach the pedals easily.

There are all kinds of mistakes you can make on the road, but by taking the above advice you should be able to stay as safe as possible. Never get complacent as a driver!

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