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Road Safety: How To Avoid Getting Distracted While Driving



Regardless of whether you live in a major city with heavy traffic that drives everyone crazy, or in a small town with minimal cars on the road, road safety should always be the top priority.

You might be surprised to learn that at any given time in the day, about 660,000 drivers try to use their cellphones while driving! Scary, right? So, for everyone’s safety, we have explained below what distracted driving is and some very useful ways for everyone to avoid getting distracted while behind the wheel.

Use Cellphone Only When Necessary

As mentioned above, using your cellphone while driving is extremely dangerous and one of the major causes of road accidents. If you have to take or make a call, it is best to slow down first and pull over to the side of the road.

Do Not Drive If You Are Drowsy

In a shocking study, researchers found out that nearly 21% of fatal car crashes were due to drivers being drowsy and sleepy. It is best not to drive if you feel like you are going to doze off at any moment, and also do not try to get home in a hurry to catch up on your sleep.

Avoid Eating While Driving

Whether you are late to get to work and could not have your breakfast, or if you are having a good time snacking with your friends in the car, distraction is a big no when you are driving.

We know that it is hard to resist the smell of your favorite hamburger and crispy fries, but food spills are one of the major reasons for distraction.

No Multitasking 

Adjust your seat before starting the engine. Once you start the car, find your favorite song to play if you like to listen to music so that you do not have to touch your stereo while going at speed. Avoid chit-chatting with friends. If you need answers to the question, “What is Distracted Driving?” then you need to really get down to some research. Lawyers that specialize in the area put a large fraction of the blame on multitasking. People tend to get easily distracted by sounds around them especially if someone is sitting right next to them. This is especially dangerous for new drivers who are more focused on their friends than on the road. Do not allow the passengers to interfere with your concentration. 

Be Fully Prepared When Leaving Home

This is most common when someone is late to reach their destination such as the office. Do not try to adjust your tie, button up your shirt, fix your lipstick or brush your hair when you are behind the wheel.

Also, pull over your car to the side of the road if there are any fallen items. Do not try to reach for them while you are driving.

Whether you are a newbie to driving or have been behind the wheel for decades, there should be no compromise on road safety. This is of paramount importance to your own life as well as for those around you on the road. The aforementioned causes and how can they be avoided are fairly simple and equally important. To be cautious and safe when driving is important, but accidents can still happen. And leaving your home without a car accident lawyer in place is risky. In the event of a car accident, it is crucial to have a trustworthy lawyer who specializes in car accidents on your side. A car accident lawyer has the expertise and experience necessary to handle all legal matters as efficiently as possible. They will be able to help negotiate a settlement or apply for compensation that you rightfully deserve. Having a reliable attorney by your side can relieve some of the pressure and stress associated with accident cases.

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