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Sara Jean Underwood Posed In The Hottest Wedding Dress You’ve Ever Seen



Sara Jean Underwood

I’ve been a fan of Playboy Playmate Sara Jean Underwood since first laying eyes on the blonde bombshell almost a decade ago. And while most Playmates come and go, Sara has done a great job of keeping herself in the public eye over the years, especially when it comes to her sizzling hot social media accounts.

This hottie loves nothing more than putting her body on display for all of the world to gawk over, but lately we haven’t been getting a lot of that from her.. Until now!

Just last week, Sara Jean Underwood posted an insanely sexy photo on her various social media accounts with the captions “Wedding dress goals” and “Would you let me wear this down the aisle???”

Sara Jean Underwood in Wedding Dress

All I can say is that if she plans on wearing something like this for her wedding (to that lucky bastard Roberto Martinez from The Bachelorette), they’d better have EMTs on hand, because there are bound to be more than a few heart attacks..

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