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Should I Call The Police After A Car Accident?




Once you’ve been in a car accident, you will likely be dealing with property damage, physical damage, and emotional damage. Some drivers don’t call the police, and in some cases, police officers don’t automatically show up to car accidents if the damages don’t exceed a certain amount. Even if your car crash was small and didn’t result in any injuries, you should still call 911 to alert the local authorities. This is so that they can accurately report what happened at the accident scene and keep the incident on record.

You Can Provide Your Input On the Police Report

When the police arrive at the crash site, they will ask each party what happened. They write down what type of damage happened to each car and the surrounding area. You can use this opportunity to explain what you experienced and inform the police of how the accident affected you. You can point out that you were following traffic laws, but the officer will draw their own conclusion about what happened. Sometimes, when the other party is at fault the police may write a citation, which is also included in your police report.

The Police May Administer Drug Tests To The At-Fault Driver

After the police arrive, they analyze the crash scene and speak to each driver. According to Agruss Law Firm, if the police notice something suspicious about the other driver’s behavior, they may perform a breathalyzer test. Sometimes, drivers can cause accidents because they are abusing substances. If the other party was drunk, this can help your settlement case and can be used as additional evidence to prove why you are owed compensation.

Your Attorney Can Retrieve The Police Report For Your Settlement Claim

When you seek compensation for your damages during your accident, your auto accident attorney will wish to collect as much evidence as feasible to build up your case and make the process go as smoothly as possible. Your attorney will probably request a police report and use its information to help support your settlement claim. This is nothing to worry about and will help you receive the highest compensation possible. Be sure to always cooperate with your attorney when they ask you for information because they are on your side.

The Police Might Write a Citation

If it is found that the other party had committed a traffic violation, they may receive a citation. This information will be placed in the police report and can make your settlement claim stronger. Proof that the other driver did a reckless mistake that resulted in an accident will help show that you are not at fault.

After My Car Accident, What Happens Next?

You should also take pictures of your accident and your injuries. After that, you should get medical treatment. Next, see a doctor so that you know what kind of injuries you have, which can help you know the worth of your settlement claim. After you’ve completed these tasks, you should speak to a dedicated personal injury lawyer who can fight for your right to receive fair compensation. It is recommended you only work with an attorney with a successful track record of winning car accident cases.

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