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Software Your Business Needs In 2020



Whatever the nature of your business there’s some great software and apps out there this year to download. Here are some of the latest ones which will help you run your company more smoothly, not to mention impress your clients.

Infusionsoft Complete

Infusionsoft is a CRM marketing tool which can keep track of up to 10,000 contacts for you. It’s a great piece of marketing software that records information about all of your clients and correspondence. You can live-record interactions with clients and customers and it makes a note of their preferences and quirks. This will then be saved for the next meeting for you or an employee to go over. You’ll then know what to expect and be prepped on how best to deal with them. It also creates a “custom campaign builder” which specifically targets recipients on your contact list, according to their interests and needs. The software also monitors your website, its visitors and sales. There is a training program installed to help you learn how to use it as it is quite complex.

Xero (Mac)

Xero is a range of accounting apps and add-ons that can also integrate with over 500 third party apps. This can do the hard work for you and deal with invoices, bills, and transactions. There are different payment plans so you can choose the one that best suits your business. It’s also fully adapted to the cloud and easily updates any documents so that they can be accessed immediately. Although designed primarily for Macs it can be accessed by other devices.

Microsoft Office 2019

This updated version of the 2016 Microsoft Office allows document sharing, so it is also perfectly compatible with cloud computing. There are a few more administrative features in this new version. Go for home and business version 365 to get the best results. You can access the cloud and basically have virtual business meetings with your clients. It includes classic programs such as Outlook, Word and Excel. Excel comes with a “tell me what to do” feature if you’re not an expert on how to use this software.


This offers investigative analysis software to crime analysts which is important in tackling things like cybercrime by making connections through extensive data. It offers a variety of visualizations to present the data. To understand further how your company could benefit there’s a quiz online to help you answer the question, do you need investigative analysis software.


Enscape is just an example of many 3D rendering programs your company could invest in this year. Create virtual representations of your products to help with the design process and impress your clients. Enscape is particularly targetted to the architecture and design fields but there are many ways your company could benefit from 3D rendering and augmented reality as well, there are many apps to choose from.


This is a simple and effective way to take instant payments. Square allows you to set up your own point of sale on your devices.


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